Five Questions to Ask Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner

1) Carpet Cleaner, Carpet Extractor or Steam Carpet Cleaner?

No worries, they're all names for the same machine that uses high pressure to inject water into a carpet and a powerful vacuum to extract the mess into a large recovery tank.

2) Do I need a residential, commercial or industrial machine?

Residential and light commercial grade carpet cleaners provide pump pressure levels of up to 60 psi, solution and recovery tanks of up to 4.5 gallons, and single-jet wand heads that are 10" wide. For extraction power, the products generally offer water column lift in the 80 to 100" range and airflow in the 90 to 100 CFM range.

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Commercial grade machines offer enhanced pump power, larger solution and recovery tanks, higher pressure levels, greater airflow, and more suction (water column lift) power. This class of machine provides: pump pressure levels up to 100 psi, solution tanks up to 17 gallons, recovery tanks up to 15 gallons, and wands that span 12" and include dual jet heads. For extraction power, commercial machines typically offer 150 to 200" of water column lift and airflow up to 200 CFM.

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Industrial grade machines expand on the commercial carpet cleaners by offering pressure levels of up to 500 psi and water column lifts up to 250". Some specialized industrial carpet cleaners are designed as walk-behind units with 20" cleaning paths and water inlets, features designed to speed work on large expanses of carpet. Other units are designed specifically for low-pile carpets found in many industrial establishments.

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3) Do I need a hot-water machine?

Hot water machines, sometimes referred to as heated carpet cleaners or steam carpet cleaners, are best for the dirtiest jobs and offer the fastest drying times. However, using cold-water is often the only option for natural fibers, like wool.

Note: To clean with cold water you can switch off the heat feature in a steam carpet cleaner or use a cold-water machine. Many cold-water machines will let you add hot water up to 210 ºF, but these non-heated machines can't heat cold water.

4) Do I need special upholstery cleaning?

All Daimer carpet cleaners can be purchased with an optional upholstery wand at additional cost or with the upholstery wand attached and with a carpet wand as an additional option. The upholstery wand is a 4" single-jet wand.

5) Do I need hard-floor capability?

Dual function carpet cleaners include both a carpet cleaner and a special attachment for hard surfaces. Daimer's hard surface attachment is a 12" four-jet squeegee wand that allows for non-heated cleaning and simultaneous extraction on sealed vinyl floors, sealed and unsealed concrete, linoleum, tile, limestone, marble, and other sealed and non-sealed surfaces.

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