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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning
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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning: Important Benefits

Low moisture carpet cleaning definitely provides a number of advantages whether you're looking for commercial, industrial, or even home machines for carpet cleaning. One of the most obvious benefits of low moisture carpet cleaning is that less water is used during the steam carpet cleaning process. The need for less water means you can clean a much larger area without having to stop to refill the tank with fresh water - a time-consuming activity that can add considerable time to your work.

Another advantage of low moisture carpet cleaning is that when you use less water you're less likely to develop serious problems from the water used during the carpet cleaning. For example, when lots of water is used on your carpeting, the water can seep into your carpet and remain there without properly drying. As a result, your carpet and floor can begin to develop mildew and even mold. Both are dangerous to the health of your family and can ruin even the most expensive carpeting. Because low moisture carpet cleaning does not use as much water, no excess water is available to seep deep down into your carpet's fibers and pool on the dark floor beneath.

While mold and mildew can be very bad for your family and your carpet, the long drying time required after high moisture carpet cleaning can be a significant nuisance. When you pay to have a paid professional steam cleaner, for example, come to your home for carpet cleaning you might have to leave your furniture off the carpet for several days just so the carpet can be thoroughly dry. At the very least, most professionals recommend giving the carpeting a full 24 hours to dry. If you use a low moisture carpet cleaning machine, however, you'll be surprised by how much faster drying takes since less water is used to clean the carpet less moisture is left to evaporate once the cleaning is finished.

All Daimer carpet cleaners and carpet steam cleaners use low moisture carpet cleaning technology. For example, the XTreme Power ® XPC-5700 uses so little water that your carpet can dry in under six hours while the XTreme Power ® XPH-5900i lets carpet dry in as little as two hours. View the specifications on our other home and commercial industrial carpet cleaners and carpet steam cleaners below to consider the one most appropriate for your needs.

Whether you need low moisture carpet cleaning for your home, your office building, your restaurant, or other commercial or industrial location, you'll find another advantage is that the equipment works well with Eco-Green ® carpet shampoo and carpet cleaning chemicals. These chemicals are completely safe for the environment, plus they work at neutral PH levels so they don't pose the potential problems of more acidic cleaning chemicals. The best part is Eco-Green ® carpet shampoo and cleaning chemicals combined with low moisture carpet cleaning machines develop incredible results on almost any type of carpet, plus you'll see faster drying times.

Overall, low moisture carpet cleaning is simply a better choice for any type of location. It allows you to save time and energy because you won't have to refill the tank during long periods of cleaning, and you won't have to worry about damaging your carpet with all of that extra moisture. Plus, the faster drying times mean you'll have to wait less time to truly enjoy the results of the low moisture carpet cleaning.

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