Non-Heated Carpet Extractors

Non-Heated Carpet Extractors
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The Advantages of Using Non-Heated Carpet Extractors

Carpet maintenance is definitely a tough task, regardless of whether you need to clean it in homes, offices, or cars. By choosing the best carpet cleaners available, you will be able to achieve professional-style cleaning results. You can choose from heated and non-heated carpet extractors. Simple cleaning that involves light-duty maintenance does not require the power of heat. Using cold water carpet extractors can help remove dirt and debris that have not penetrated to the deeper layers of the carpet.

Light Weight and User-Friendly

A non-heated carpet extractor is easy to handle and operate, as it is significantly lighter and more compact than the heated version due to the absence of heating elements. They are highly mobile and portable, and can clean carpets spread over a large area. These systems are ideal for use on carpets with delicate threads, which cannot withstand heat and may get damaged when cleaned with a heavy-duty heated carpet cleaning machine.

Non-heated carpet cleaners offer many advantages:

  • They use less water and thus reduce drying times significantly as compared to up to 24 hours dry out time of ordinary carpet cleaners.
  • Machines with vacuum extractors can remove dirt as well as traces of moisture, leaving your carpets ultra clean and dry.
  • They can be used to clean carpets as well as upholstery and curtains.
  • They are extremely compact and mobile, making them the ideal cleaning machine for cleaning large carpeted surfaces.

Make sure you choose non-heated carpet extractors with an impressive water lift and air flow features. This can help remove a range of dirt, grime, and debris from carpets and upholstery. Carpet extractors with pressure levels of up to 120 PSI can be used to handle various types of cleaning tasks.

Top models of non-heated carpet extractors come equipped with powerful upholstery wands and accessories to provide enhanced cleaning results. Daimer® offers high-quality and technologically-advanced, non-heated carpet extractors that can clean more efficiently and faster than ordinary carpet cleaning machines. The features-rich, portable carpet extractors are perfect for carpet cleaning that does not require the power of heat.

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