Steam Cleaners - Uses, Applications & Limitations

Uses of Steam Cleaners on Different Steam Cleaning Applications

KleenJet® steam cleaners, the largest line of steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners in the industry, are absolutely outstanding to clean, sanitize, and disinfect many, many surfaces. However, prospective users need to know the the best and most appropriate applications for the technology so they consider whether it is correct for their specific needs. We urge you to speak with a Daimer Product Specialist if you have any questions regarding you application or require product/technology clarification. 

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One of the most important facts to know about steam cleaners is the vapor is relatively dry, containing only about 5% water in the vapor. Therefore, applications requiring more force, pressure, and flow rate (rated in psi (or pounds per square inch)) will call for technologies other than steam cleaners.

Steam cleaners require direct contact with a tool or towel in order to clean, and the lack of necessary water flow with the steam make them totally ineffective for industrial use other than to sanitize and disinfect surfaces.

Some people are under the misconception that just aiming the steam at the surface without attaching a brush, towel, or other tool will clean the surface. WRONG! Steam cleaners are not pressure washers and do not have the cleaning power to move substances and clean stains by simply shooting dry steam at a surface. The technology simply is not designed to work that way.

Steam cleaners used to detail surfaces and areas without the attachment of larger brushes or towels will not move or clean substances on surfaces unless the user touches every inch of the surface with a one inch detail brush. The problem is machinery or other types of equipment with areas that are inaccessible to the brush will not be cleaned.

Importantly, the dry steam cleaner vapor is hottest within a roughly 3 inches or so from the surface. Vapor flowing at distances greater than that will start to cool down, which is the reason for steam cleaner technology as most ideal for applications requiring direct contact.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning Applications

Although sanded tile grout is porous, the grout lines are relatively narrow, and a small detail brush run along them is ideal to clean most surfaces and substances within the grout pores. The majority of tile and grout cleaning professionals use a chemical as a pre-spray on the grout prior to applying the steam.

We now realize more than ever before the potentially devastating health hazards exposure to harmful chemicals can wreak on our children, family, pets, patients, and workers. In addition, eco-unsafe chemicals used within homes, businesses, health care facilities, schools, industrial settings, and others actually penetrate building structures and are released into the atmosphere. The result is further erosion of the ozone layer with increased global warming effects.

Daimer's Eco-Green® chemicals for tile and grout cleaning and many other applications work differently than other chemicals, green or otherwise, because they contain plant based ingredients, and work on a molecular level to take on some of the toughest stains and substances imaginable. Eco-Green® used patented, exclusive Micro-Blasting® technology, and contains nano-sized molecules, literally 1/80,000 the diameter of a human hair; they can get between the molecules of the stains and substances they target and help break them apart in of of themselves or in combination with devices like steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, and other technologies, depending upon the applications.

Applications for Which Steam Cleaners ARE NOT Ideal


Steam Cleaners ARE NOT Carpet Cleaners or Pressure Washers

Just as vacuum cleaners are designed for vacuuming, steam cleaners have their uses, and although there are many, prospective buyers must realize their limitations and alternative technologies best suited for other applications.

Steam cleaners:

> are not substitutes for carpet cleaners/carpet steam cleaners. These other technologies are designed for large area carpet cleaning. Steam cleaners, the vapor of which contains only about 5% water, do not have the power or features to clean carpeting like professionals would clean, but rather are geared towards spots or areas. See Daimer's XTreme Power ® carpet cleaners.

> are inappropriate for unsealed hard wood, water-based paint (unless cleaned with extreme care), pressed paper, cardboard, silks, gentle fabrics, or any surface that can be damaged by exposure to heat.

> are inappropriate for porous surfaces, such as: concrete, stucco, brick, pavers, unsealed quarry, limestone, marble, travertine, stone, (unless these surfaces are completely sealed and honed), driveways, parking lots, garage floors, walkways, sidewalks, etc. These surfaces require a water flow in conjunction with the steam to help move the substances off the surfaces and from within the pores.

> are inappropriate for large area commercial and industrial equipment cleaning in food service facilities, food plants, tool and die shops, industrial facilities, and many others ... large metal surface areas, conveyor belts, and most other surfaces must be cleaned quickly and effectively using powerful wet steam emitted through Super Max ® steam pressure washers.

> are not substitutes for pressure washers/steam pressure washers. Unless you require the simultaneous cleaning and extraction of our XTreme Power ® hard surface cleaning machines, which can be used on interior or exterior hard surfaces, Super Max® steam pressure washers are the ideal THERMAL cleaning machines to clean large areas of porous and other surfaces using the highest temperatures in the industry up to 330°F. Uses include interior settings/surfaces (for most commercial, food service, industrial, and others within which water flow is permitted, but not of course within residential settings) and exteriors surfaces.

Steam pressure washers are exceptional for deep cleaning porous concrete, stucco, brick, pavers, quarry, limestone, marble, travertine, stone, driveways, parking lots, garage floors, walkways, sidewalks, other larger porous surfaces, large metal surface areas, conveyor belts, and countless other surfaces.

Note: Pet stains that have been on carpets for extended periods of time without proper removal may have permanently discolored the carpet fibers themselves. This may require the services of a professional carpet professional to color the spotted areas to match the carpet color, and restore the appearance to "like new".

The following is just a partial list of the virtually unlimited applications and surfaces appropriate for steam cleaner technology:

acoustical tile kitchen fryers
acrylic kitchen mixers
aluminum kitchen range hoods
appliances kitchens
area rugs, spot cleaning laboratory cages
automobile carpet spot cleaning laminate surfaces
automobile wheels latex paint (with care)
automotive cloth and velour upholstery lawn and patio furniture
automotive detailing lawn mowers
automotive door jambs levelor blinds
automotive engine compartments light fixtures
automotive floor boards limestone (sealed and honed only)
automotive floor mats linoleum
automotive headliners machine and parts cleaning
baby changing stations marble
baby's nursery marble floors
back splashes mattresses
baked-finish cabinets medicine cabinets (not for unsealed hard wood)
bakery racks metal fences
base board heater fins, most metal furniture
bathroom showers, mold and mildew microwaves, inside and around outside
bathroom tiling mirrors
bathrooms most children's toys
bathtubs motorcycles
bbq's, ovens, and grills naugahyde
bed bugs nylon
bed frames Oriental carpets (spot cleaning with care)
bedspreads, sanitizing and disinfecting outdoor furniture
bicycles oxidized aluminum surfaces
bird cages paint preparation
blenders paint removal, (not enamel/powder coating)
blinds, vertical and horizontal painted, powder coated surfaces and enamel
boat detailing, interior Persian carpets (spot cleaning with care)
boots, rubber - clean and deodorize pet areas
brass pet cages
cabinet facing: laminates, sealed hard wood pet carriers
car wheel rims pet's bedding, freshen up and sanitize
carpet chewing gum removal plastic
carpet spots and areas to help in stain removal plastic fences
cat scratchers porcelain fixtures and surfaces
ceiling fans pots and pans
ceiling tile (non-acoustical) pure wool carpets (spot cleaning with care)
ceramic quarry tile (sealed and honed only)
ceramic tile recycling bins
chrome fixtures refrigerator door gaskets, mold around
clogged gas jets in gas ranges refrigerator door seals, slime on
commercial kitchen appliances refrigerators, cleaning
concrete, sealed refrigerators, defrosting
condensor (cooling) coils remove & kill algae spots
conveyors, spots and areas removing rust spots
copper removing surface mold
counter tops removing wax from baseboards
cutting boards resilient floors
deodorize carpets rubber floor spot and area cleaning
door knobs rv detailing, interiors
door metal rails screens
drapes, heavier sealed hard wood floors
ducts shower stalls, fiberglass sounds, doors, rails
dust mites sidewalks - spots
dusting plants sinks
enamel sliding doors/tracks
entryways soap scum
equipment sports equipment
equipment, clean nooks and crannies spot cleaning carpets
exercise equipment stainless steel
exhaust hoods, kitchens stove tops
faucets stove, inside and outside
fiberglass thawing frozen pipes
fiberglass fixtures tile floors: smooth, non-porous
fireplace, exterior brick toilet bowls
floor grout toilet seats
floor mats toilets, porcelain
floors: most hard floors, carpet spots tools
food service equipment and table legs toys
food service exhaust hood filters trash cans: clean, sanitize, and disinfect
food service kitchen drains: covers/top/underside travertine tile (sealed and honed only)
food service kitchen drains: kill fruit flies upholstery: cloth, velour, and leather
food surfaces to help most bacteria upholstery: spot clean stains
freezers, inside cleaning and defrosting urinals
garden and hand tools utility equipment
glass V.C.T.
glue, on tile and most hard surfaces veneer cabinets
golf clubs venetian blinds
granite vinyl
grout lines (not for apoxy grout or caulking) vinyl floors
gum removal (with specific models) wall grout: not for epoxy grout or caulking
hard wood: sealed floors and surfaces walls, most
HVAC equipment wall-to-wall carpet, spot and area cleaning
ice machines waterbeds (with care)
Industrial can openers wax paraffin removal
industrial equipment welding preparation
jewelry wheelchairs
kennels window frames
kill & control allergens on most surfaces window screens
kill dust mites window sills
kill fleas windows
kitchen counter tops wood parquet, sealed
kitchen equipment work-out room
kitchen exhaust hoods yard equipment


Steam Cleaners - Uses, Applications & Limitations