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Portable Steam Cleaners
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Portable Steam Cleaners

Industrial Portable Steam Cleaner Machines

Vapor steam cleaner systems have completely transformed the way residential and commercial areas are maintained. In addition to simplifying tiring and time-consuming cleaning applications, the KleenJet® series of portable steam cleaners from Daimer® also help get the surfaces sparklingly clean, fresh-smelling, and germ-free. Be it floors, bathroom fittings, patio furniture, kitchen equipment, glass surfaces, mattresses, pet cages, or recycle bins, Daimer®'s steam cleaning machines will help you maintain almost all kinds of surfaces with minimal effort or time.

Commercial Portable Steam Machines: For Hassle-Free Cleaning

Homes and offices often feature tight spaces and stairs. Using floor steam cleaner heavy equipment to maintain these areas can mean extra effort for users, since it can be difficult to move the machine from one spot to another. Thankfully, the KleenJet® portable steam cleaner machines are compact versions featuring excellent mobile configurations. The expertly configured and rugged mobile design makes it easy for cleaning experts to access the most hard-to-reach spaces.

Quality is one of the key aspects of all Daimer® products. This is especially evident in the construction of the best steam cleaner systems in the KleenJet® series. The top grade components in these steamers include replaceable heating elements, stainless steel boilers, and housing of stainless steel or durable plastic. The high-quality components and housing of the portable steam cleaners help extend the life of the machine, ensure impeccable performance for years, and keep maintenance issues to a minimum.

Steam is one of the most powerful cleaning forces that helps eliminate unwanted deposits from different surfaces. The effective cleaning power of steam also helps eliminate odors caused due to food deposits and organic particles. The simultaneous cleaning, deodorizing, and extraction functions of the floor steam cleaners help cut down the time needed for cleaning, especially when it comes to maintaining vast areas.

Ensuring Safe and Germ-Free Surfaces

Effectively eliminating germs is one of the must-do's of proper cleaning. The KleenJet® range of portable steam cleaner machines now helps you eliminate germs from almost all surfaces without resorting to harsh disinfectants and chemicals. These best steam cleaner systems are empowered with ATIS® technology, a unique and advanced anti-bacterial technology that ensures elimination of up to 99.99 percent of germs, bacteria, and mold from surfaces. This powerful germ-killing technology helps eliminate even the most dreaded bacteria, such as E. Coli and MRSA.

Check out the KleenJet® series of floor steam cleaner machines to discover how easy steam cleaning tasks can actually be.

Versatile Portable Steam Cleaning Machines

Our cleaning systems provide the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry. In particular, our portable steam cleaners offer a great deal of functionality and usability, in a mobile and maneuverable form. These handy machines can be used for cleaning sealed hard wood floors, tile, grout, spot cleaning carpets, and much more.

A handheld steam cleaner in your home or office will help to continually keep your indoor environment extraordinarily clean. We have a variety of different sizes and functionalities in order to supply everyone with a portable steam cleaner that they can use. That is why we encourage you to take some time to browse through our assortment and discover all of the cleaning machines and green chemicals you can obtain for your needs.

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