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Commercial Steam Cleaners
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Commercial Steam Cleaner Machines

Why You Need Steam Cleaners for Enhanced Results

A good steam cleaner makes life easier for homeowners, cleaning businesses, and those responsible for maintaining hygiene in commercial areas.

What Does a Steam Cleaner Do?

A commercial steam cleaner generates hot, dry vapor. It is important to note that the vapor contains less than 5% moisture, making it different from other machines that generate steam. The dry steam makes the cleaning process more eco-friendly, since it uses little water.

Another reason people use the commercial steam cleaners is that the steam is very hot, allowing for removal of grease and grime and other types of dirt from various surfaces.

The commercial-grade steam cleaners are used for cleaning indoor areas, including homes and commercial areas such as office buildings, retail areas, hotels, gyms, and so on. The dry vapor machines clean a variety of different surfaces as long as they're non-porous and not susceptible to heat. Surfaces include tile, ceramic, glass, metal, stone, and even sealed hardwood.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Steam Cleaner?

Since these machines used for cleaning indoor areas use very little water, they do not create drainage problems. High-end commercial machines feature pressure levels up to 120 PSI for easy removal of grease and grime.

While this machine cannot be used for heavy-duty degreasing, you will need a pressure washer for that purpose. Dry vapor machines are used for cleaning commercial kitchens, baked-on surfaces in ovens and stoves, sinks, racks, and so on. The best commercial steam cleaning machine is also used for cleaning laboratories, public restrooms, and equipment in gyms.

Can a Steam Cleaner Be Used for Cleaning Carpets?

Steam vapor cleaners are used for spot-cleaning carpets and mattresses. They are often used for removing bedbugs. However, they cannot be used for cleaning entire carpets. For that, you will need a carpet cleaning machine. The best commercial carpet cleaner machines use minimal water and feature temperatures as high as 210°F. Low flow machines speed up carpet drying time too.

How to Buy the Right Steam Cleaner?

There are plenty of ways to select the right commercial steam cleaner equipment. Since the brand is important, you should look for a machine designed for cleaning commercial areas. The best-rated commercial steam cleaners for commercial cleaning applications feature higher pressure levels and higher temperatures than regular steam cleaning machines. For example, some top commercial steam cleaning machines feature temperatures as high as 369°F.

Advanced commercial steam cleaners have another unique feature. They feature stainless steel boilers, which are more durable and corrosion resistant, compared to ordinary aluminum boilers. They also come with a lifetime warranty. There are additional features, such as bacteria elimination, which enables elimination of as much as 99.99% bacteria. Some of these multi-use commercial steam cleaners have vacuuming feature in addition to HEPA filter, which helps remove pollen, dust mites, and other allergens from indoor areas. Another important feature is the accessories, including brushes, squeegees, steam lance, and other tools.

hat Is Unique About Daimer's Steam Cleaner Accessories?

Apart from all the above mentioned features, Daimer® machines have a vast array of accessories particularly suited for cleaning commercial areas. These include detailing brushes, in not one but three types of materials - stainless steel, brass, and nylon.

Choosing the correct detailing brush depends on the hardness of the surface and the amount of grime on it. Stainless steel brushes are suitable for removing grime from metal and ceramic surfaces, while brass brushes are used on softer surfaces and nylon brushes on even softer surfaces. There is also the option of cleaning mirrors and windows using special squeegees for cleaning glass surfaces.

Daimer® also reduces the cost of ownership of its machines by offering accessories, such as brushes at a fraction of the price charged by competitors on their accessories. This is why Daimer® is a trusted name among cleaning businesses and those required to maintain clean, hygienic interiors, be it inside homes or in commercial areas.

Daimer® is considered among the foremost commercial steam cleaner retailers. Daimer®'s steam cleaner for sale offers the guarantee of quality, durability, and high performance.

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