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Commercial Marble Floor Cleaning
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Powerful Marble Floor Cleaning Machines for Commercial Floor Cleaning


Restore the Elegant Look of Your Commercial Floor with the Best Commercial Marble Floor Cleaner

Is your office marble floor looking jaded and dirty? Scrubbing and mopping will not help you get them back in their natural, elegant state. You must invest in a reliable commercial marble floor cleaning machine to get the best results.

When it comes to cleaning of commercial marble floors, conventional cleaning methods fail to provide the kind of cleaning needed to keep your facility clean and attractive to visitors. Cleaning with chemicals is not recommended, as it can have harmful repercussions on the staff and those who are exposed to the harmful and toxic traces of chemicals. A commercial marble floor cleaning machine can clean large areas quickly, saving you time and effort.

One Machine, Multiple Applications

It makes sound business sense to invest in commercial marble floor cleaning equipment that can offer versatile cleaning features. The same cleaning system can be used for cleaning ceramic tiles and floors. Commercial marble floor cleaners are ideal for use in cleaning and maintenance of floors in hotels and hospitals, as they not only clean but disinfect as well. By adding upholstery wands and tools, the machine can also be used as a carpet cleaner, pressure washer, and upholstery cleaning system.

The best commercial granite floor cleaning machine offers faster cleaning, due to better surface impact with a unique motorized spinner that can clean several times faster than conventional floor cleaning systems. It comes with fully adjustable pressure levels, which allow operators to use the machine at any pressure from 0-1500 PSI to match the needs of specific cleaning applications. The powerful spinner rotates at 1000 rpm, and supports water temperatures up to 140º F, which helps remove even the most stubborn of grime and dirt from marble floors.

Commercial establishments prefer using sophisticated and versatile commercial granite floor cleaning machines, as they are engineered for top performance and can clean large areas quickly. The best commercial marble floor cleaner available is the first choice of cleaning professionals in charge of keeping commercial facilities clean and presentable because:

  • It helps deliver results far better than ordinary floor cleaning systems.
  • Can clean around 1000 square feet of floor space per hour.
  • Offers simultaneous extraction function to remove dirt deposits in one quick action.
  • Can be used on marble, concrete, stone, and limestone floors.

Achieve Faster and Better Marble Cleaning Results

Hard surface cleaners with advanced cleaning technologies can provide a deeper cleaning and keep your marble floor free from dirt and grime. They can quickly transform dirty and jaded marble and granite floors to their original clean and attractive condition with their powerful cleaning and extraction qualities.

Daimer® hard surface cleaners are the perfect commercial marble floor cleaning machines, as they offer extraordinary cleaning capabilities. They are designed to offer enhanced cleaning action and cut down operation time significantly. The versatile cleaning systems from Daimer® come with various tools and accessories, making it possible for operators to clean a variety of surfaces with the same machine.

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