June 25, 2016

Extremely Powerful: Heated Electric Pressure Washers

High powered electric pressure washersPressure cleaning machines have been the most commonly used machine for touch cleaning jobs for several years now, and for good reasons. The technology that allows a pressure clean to expel water with such great pressure is unmatched by other cleaning machines. Adding heat to the equation with a heated unit makes almost any cleaning job possible to tackle efficiently. Models vary depending on which manufacturer and type you buy, with our models you will always have the options that are designed to last long and to provide excellent results. Many consumers often are not sure if an electric unit is the best fit or if a gas powered pressure washer is the best fit for cleaning jobs. The truth of the matter is that they are both good in certain ways and it really depends on the job.

Durability Power of Pressure Cleaners

The question we hear all the time is "Should I buy an electric or gas powered pressure cleaner"? Well, first let's dicuss the benefits of a gas powered unit. Gas powered units are better in some ways because they're built with less electronics which are more prone to malfuntioning in the long run than solid machinery like a gas powered motor. They're also able to go place where electricity is not available. With gas powered machines, you can take it with you anywhere. For example, you about to clean a giant air plane hangar or barn, or siding, then a gas powered commercial pressure washer would probably be a better way to go.

Another common factor to consider is that with a gas powered pressure washing machine, usually you're going to get more power and durability out of it than the average electric unit. There are some inherent disadvantages to using gas powered units however, for example you can't use them indoors due to the emmisions they produce which can be toxic in enclosed areas. Granted our units are known for producing the lowest amounts of emmissions possible it's still not worth the risk and we highly advise users to never use a gas powered unit indoors. That being said, many times depending on the type of cleaning job electric can be a good fit.  

There have been many debates over whether or not an electric unit can evern compare to the power and effectiveness that you get from a gas powered unit. The truth of the matter is that technology is evolving so rapidly that electric models are now able to keep up with the power that you get from a gas powered pressure cleaning machine. If you check out our electric models such as the Vapor Flo 8970 you will see that it provides 2175 PSI which is very high for an electric unit. If you buy commercial steam cleaner like the ones we offer you'll also notice that they last much longer because of their construction which is designed for heavy duty use.

Many customers call us before ordering to be assured that our units will not be made with cheap plastic like the models that are sold at big home improvement stores or Wal-Mart which they are not. Our models are all specifically designed to be heavy duty pressure cleaners built to last a long time and to handle a lot of ware and tare. In most cases our units last 5 times longer than the average pressure cleaners bought at a local home improvement store or Wal-Mart.

When it comes to durability, our electric and gas powered models are going to provide the same level of value. When comparing the power of the two types of models however, you will notice that our gas powered model like the Super Max 10880 provides 3500 psi which is unmatched by electric units however. So when it comes to power, electric may not be able to reach the levels of power that gas does but they're still very useful in many ways.

The Cost of Pressure

Gas Powered Pressure WasherWhile electric powered pressure cleaners aren't as powerful as the gas powered machines, you may notice that its less expensive to purchase an electric model.  Most of the mid-level power pressure washers will provide around 1000 PSI, but some can go as high as 5000 PSI. Most of the higher powered units are gas, but they are also the most expensive types out there. Taking a look at the specifications of each model is important to see what features and types of pressure washers might be best for you.

The most important thing to take into consideration when on the market for a commercial pressure washers is what you're planning on using it for in the future. For example, if you buy a unit that is only convenient for the present time, but won’t work well later on as your business expands or if you plan on cleaning more personal belongings, then you might end up feeling that you should have bought the bigger and more powerful unit in the first place to save money. While this can be a tricky decision to make you it certainly is recommended that you think about the long term use of your machine as we hope it is something that you will use for the long run.

When it comes to pressure cleaners, there many different types available on the market that all something different. When it comes down to it though, we offer the best priced products if you are looking for reliability and durability. Call us today to find out more about our products or visit our online store to purchase one of our pressure cleaners today.


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