March 23, 2015

Find The Commercial Carpet Cleaner That’s Suitable For Your Needs

Commercial Carpet CleanerMaintaining a business involves a lot of things; keeping up with the accounting, purchasing products from suppliers, customer services and a variety of other responsibilities. The responsibility of maintaining the cleanliness of your business may not be your favorite thing to do, but we can help in one of those areas by offering you access to our commercial carpet cleaners.

With commercial and industrial cleaning equipment you can ensure your carpet is professionally cleaned and dried. Choose from carpet and vapor steam cleaners. The commercial grade carpet steam cleaners available include but are not limited to following XTREME POWER units XPC-5700, XPH-5800T, XPH-5900I, XPH-6400I, XPC-9200, XPH-9300 and XPH-9600.

  • The XPC-5700 is a portable, easy to operate, two gallon carpet cleaner that is ideal in residential and commercial cleaning situations. Although it’s a non-heated carpet cleaner it still produces superior results in most conditions. This powerful machine features a 100” water lift and airflow of 100 cubic feet per minute. This unit is ideal for light commercial carpet cleaning in areas where shorter drying times are needed.

  • The 5800T is a heated carpet cleaner that achieves temperatures of up to 150 degrees in as little as 15 minutes – due to its powerful tank heating element – and holds up to four and a half gallons of water. The drying time on this unit is up to 4 hours. This commercial carpet cleaner combines the features of the XPC-5700 with cleaning power heat and a pressure level of 170 psi. It has more cleaning power than the XPC-5700.

  • The 5900I is a powerful and popular model that holds four and a half gallons of water and achieves temperatures up to 210 degrees within five minutes. It has a rapid drying time of within two hours which is ideal for situations where waiting hours for the carpet to dry isn’t feasible like in humid conditions and large areas. This carpet cleaner, and the 5800T, have better pressure and temperature levels than any other carpet steam cleaner in their class.  This model now includes convenient, upgraded 25 feet of hose for cleaning up to 2,000 square feet without moving the machine.  You can add an optional upholstery tool, which you can add to most models, that is great for cleaning furniture, stairs, auto detailing upholstery and carpeting. Among the many features of this model, it also has advanced adjustable temperature control technology that allows the temperature to be adjusted for each application. This helps to ensure the most effective and safest temperature is used for the particular carpet fibers.

  • With two strong, two-stage motors the XPH-6400I is designed to achieve outstanding cleaning power and quick drying. It has 170 psi pressure, which is higher than other steamer brands on the market. It has a 200-inch airflow and 200 CFM (drying power) of water extraction and suction. This machine’s 150-inch water column lift and the 200 CFM of airflow maximize cleaning power and reduce drying time. And with its special innovative, adjustable temperature control technology it allows for flexibility when cleaning carpets of different materials. This model also includes the optional upholstery tool.

  • The XPC-9200 is the highest capacity non-heated commercial carpet cleaner with a 150-inch water lift, 220 psi of pressure and 200 CFM airflow. It’s a reliable carpet cleaner with 17 gallon solution tank and 15 gallon recovery tank, which allows for longer periods of uninterrupted carpet cleaning. This carpet cleaner is good for commercial situations that require a powerful high volume machine, but not the extra power of a steam cleaner.

  • The XPH-9300 is a high-capacity machine that uses the same inline heating technology incorporated in models that are priced up to $5,000. This unit has a large 17 gallon tank with a pressure level of 220 psi, which is higher pressure than other carpet cleaners in its class. It runs on two powerful 2-stage motors and has a maximum airflow and exceptional water column lift (water extraction/suction) at 150 inches. At 200 CFM of airflow this machine maximizes cleaning power and reduces drying time (within two hours). The temperature on this model can also be adjusted for different applications, which – as with the other models – helps to ensure the safest, most effective temperature as is needed for particular carpet fibers. This cleaner is ideal for commercial cleaning contractors as well as hotels, restaurants, businesses and almost any facility where high capacity and massive cleaning power are needed.

  • If you need an industrial carpet cleaner then the XPH-9600 is the one to pick. It’s a top-of-the-line model with outstanding pressure (up to 500 psi) and automatic auto-fill and/or auto-dump for the ultimate in user productivity. It’s an ideal solution for those who don’t have the resources to buy a truck-mounted system or for those who need a very powerful but portable system with exceptional features and unsurpassed quality. And, the suction on this model is equivalent to three vacuum motors.

All of the featured commercial carpet cleaners have a patented low-flow technology that allows for powerful and efficient cleaning with very little water use. Each commercial carpet cleaner is marked off at 30 percent the cost however if you need other purchasing options we offer a leasing alternative with low monthly pricing. The machines you have read about here all have additional features and there are still more machines you haven’t learned about yet; you can find additional information about those commercial carpet cleaners online.


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