220-600V, 50 Hz International Steam Cleaners

220-600V, 50 Hz International Steam Cleaners
4 220-600V, 50 Hz International Steam Cleaners
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International Steam Cleaners

Daimer Industries® has long been known for meeting and exceeding customers' needs and expectations when it comes to quality, versatility, and power. To meet the growing demand for steam cleaners around the globe, Daimer® has introduced a new line of KleenJet® international steam cleaners for use in countries with 50 Hz power requirements. Now, no matter where you are, you can take advantage of the convenience, power, and flexibility of Daimer®'s advanced steam cleaning machines.

Convenience of International Steam Cleaners

Daimer® understands that not all steam cleaner operators have the same requirements. This includes differences in power configurations, applications, usage times, and more. As such, Daimer® offers a wide variety of steam cleaner models to choose from.

In terms of power configurations, Daimer® offers 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations featuring a wide variety of temperature and pressure levels, as well as advanced technologies to meet the needs of various applications. Whether you are purchasing a domestic or an international steam cleaner, you can rest assured that the Daimer® model you select will come ready to handle the most challenging applications despite the country you live in.

Advanced Steam Cleaning Technologies

To enhance the convenience of the KleenJet® systems, Daimer® has incorporated the latest technologies in international steam cleaners. Continuous refill technology is one such advanced feature that enables operators of international steam cleaners to work continuously throughout virtually any job without stopping to refill. This proprietary system works by adding a non-pressurized refill chamber to the system. Operators can refill this chamber without having to shut down the machine, let it cool, refill, and reheat. Water is transferred into the boiler as needed and mixed with the super heated water to maintain continuous temperatures throughout the steam cleaning process.

Other key features found in Daimer®'s international steam cleaner models include gum removal technology, HEPA filtration, and anti-bacterial technology. Daimer®'s unique gum removal systems combine the power of high temperature steam, a threaded stainless steel brush, a biodegradable gum cleaning solution, and vacuum extraction to dissolve and extract gum residues completely. These machines are capable of rapidly eliminating chewing gum from concrete, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and a variety of other outdoor surfaces.

For hospitals, healthcare facilities, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses were sanitization is key, a international steam cleaner paired with ATIS® anti-bacterial technology and true HEPA filtration is essential. ATIS® is Daimer®'s exclusive anti-bacterial technology capable of killing more than 99% of harmful bacteria and mold. It has even been tested to provide 99.999% effectiveness against MRSA. The addition of a true HEPA filter, capable of removing allergens as small as 3 microns, adds to the sanitization capabilities of the machine by enabling operators to purify the air.

Taking Power to the Next Level

In addition to advanced technologies, the goal of Daimer®'s international steam cleaner systems is to provide extremely high temperature, dry steam output to dissolve even the most challenging stains and deposits to handle difficult cleaning applications with each. To this extend, Daimer®'s steam cleaning machines can reach temperatures as high as 386°F with pressure levels up to 150 psi. Many models also boast a steam vac attachment that enables simultaneous extraction while dissolving residues for complete removal.

Not only does Daimer® focus on power and technology, Daimer® also focuses on quality, ensuring that every component of its domestic and international steam cleaner systems is comprised of the highest quality materials for long lasting durability.

Daimer International Steam Cleaners
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