April 23, 2015

Purchasing a Commercial Carpet Extractor

Commecia Carpet ExtractorCleaning carpets is a dirty job. This is particularly true when you have to clean commercial and industrial spaces and many home carpets can get down-right filthy. The buildup of dirt and grime from foot traffic, open doors and windows and transportation of goods through the office space can have a major impact on carpets. Toss in family pets and meals and carpets all over, take quite the beating. Purchasing new carpet is not always feasible or even reasonable. Instead, using a commercial carpet extractor can help remove the dirt and grime build up, increasing the longevity and freshness of office and residential carpets.

Keeping carpets clean is essential in the home, but especially in a business setting. In the vast majority of cases, a business will see significantly higher levels of traffic across the carpet. Every footstep and dragging of boxes, is another opportunity for dirt, dust and allergens to embed deeper into the carpet fibers. This means that your business flooring is likely much dirtier and grimier than most residential carpets. Having a tool on hand to help you reduce the appearance of dust and dirt is a great way to keep customers satisfied, improve company morale and create a healthier and better-looking working environment.

What is a carpet extractor?

Commercial carpet extractors help clean carpets that are very dirty. This type of system is essential in particular for commercial settings because of the method used to remove dirt and soil. Carpets in an industrial and business setting get dirtier faster, which could require frequent cleaning. Over time the carpets are more likely to hang onto the dirt and grime, even if you clean them. Using the best commercial carpet extractor will help pull more dirt and grime out every time you clean, helping your high-end industrial carpet last longer.

Our high-end machines are an excellent choice when you have to clean soiled carpet frequently. Carpet extraction machines provide a better result than the traditional water, brush and detergent cleaner. Each machine pushes pressurized water and cleaner deep into the layers of carpet. Then the cleaner pulls all of the dirt, grime and extra water through a high-pressure vacuum.

We offer several different carpet extractors commercial models including heated extractors. This model is particularly helpful on carpeted areas with a lot of stubborn dirt build up. Hot water is a good choice because it’s better able to break down oil based buildup. The pressurized machine does a better job than traditional cleaning machines because the hot water really digs down deep. We also offer non-heated carpet extractors as well. Our commercial carpet extractor for sale is specially designed to remove spots and stains from your industrial carpet.

Benefits of Carpet Extractors

You don’t have to rely on bulky, awkward equipment to get your carpets cleaned. Our industrial-grade commercial extractors are lightweight and easy to maneuver. In addition, our machines are small enough to be easily stored on site. Just because they don’t weigh much, doesn’t mean they are lightweight in terms of performance. Your new machine is designed to give you the best results with some of the hottest temperatures on the market. In addition, your new machine includes features to make your job even easier.

Purchasing your own extractor for your business will save you money. Because business carpet should be cleaned frequently, particularly if you see a lot of foot traffic, have customers visiting your office space and transport goods through your space, you could spend a lot of money paying professional cleaners to do the job, or you could do it yourself.

Our powerful extractors pull extra water out of the carpet to ensure that your business is safe from water build-up, which could result in mold and other complications.

Carpet Cleaners vs. Extractors

Carpet cleaners and carpet extractors are two different products, however there are similarities. Both machines are designed to clean carpet with water and/or solution. In addition to the same duties, they essentially function in the same way. Many people even use extractors and cleaners interchangeably.

Your extractor, like a carpet cleaner, take dirt and grime from the carpet. The extractor sprays water into the carpet and suck the water, along with dirt and dust, back into the machine. This process removes stains, spots, dust and grime from your carpet. Both machines scrub water and solution into your carpet with high water pressure, forcing dirt and stains to let go of the carpet fibers. Most cleaners feature a wand so that you can access hard to reach places and borders.

Our cleaning machines provide a variety of options from budget-friendly to more expensive models. Each model is designed to removed dirt and germs from carpet. Additionally, you can expect the removal of mildew and other waste quickly and safely.

Carpet cleaners and carpet extractors are the same thing. They both do the same job in the same way. The biggest difference you will see is the quality of the cleaning work. At Daimer, we offer the best carpet cleaning products on the market. Let us help you get your business carpets clean faster and better.

We sell our products to over200 companies world-wide. Major corporations and private government agencies trust our products to clean their carpets. Let us help you get the same level of clean as some of the biggest names in the industry. Call us today or check out our online catalog to learn more about the type of products we offer. 


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