September 26, 2014

Let Solid Research Lead You to Our Top-of-the-Line Commercial Carpet Extractors

If you're in the market for commercial carpet extractors, it means several things. For one, it means that your carpets endure some of the most challenging situations. This could be from exceptionally high traffic or the result of special environmental conditions. It could be a combination of both. It also means that the traditional solutions you currently employ, whether they're as simple as a basic commercial vacuum cleaner or include failed attempts to find a commercial steam cleaner capable of removing your stains, have not yet proven successful.

At Daimer Industries, everything we do is about ensuring the successful completion of your cleaning task. That's why, for years, we've had experts work to improve and refine each of the more than 700 cleaning machines we make—to guarantee that a purchase from Daimer Industries is your first and best solution. We recognize that, for many business owners, dedicating time to choosing a commercial carpet extractor is not the focus of your workday. Certainly, you're tired of spending time looking at deep, ground-in stains or blemishes on your carpets. Don't worry: Your solution is on the way.

How to Know You're Getting the Best Commercial Carpet Extractor

Even if you're not enthusiastic about shopping for a carpet extractor, you likely won't mind making sure you get the best commercial carpet extractor on the marketplace. Who wouldn't? And while there are many ways to research and compare, we would like to offer a free and elegant solution: our expert sales representatives. Before you balk at the idea of a company recommending its own sales staff, you should know a little bit about the way we do business.

Daimer Industries does not pay its assessment and sales staff based on the product they sell to the customer. They make the same amount of money regardless of which model you choose, so everyone can focus their energy on learning about your business and the best cleaning solution for you. Eliminating the trust barrier caused by the commission model means that our staff can offer you unbiased advice when you compare different models of Daimer Industries products.

We have four exceptional models of commercial carpet extractors. The variations of each provide you with a tailored solution to your unique cleaning problem. All models fall within our XTreme Power series of products. The XTreme Power XPC-9200 and XPH-9300 are both walk-behind models ideal for deep cleaning areas that require frequent maintenance cleanings. The XPC-9200 has pressure levels of up to 220 pounds per square inch; the XPH-9300 offers equivalent pressure capacity. These two models also share seventeen gallon tanks that help stretch the range of our machines.

The primary difference between the models comes in their heating capacity. The XPC-9200 supports a water temperature of up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, while the XPH-9300 can bring temperatures up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, higher temperatures mean greater extraction, but the temperature that best fits your needs will also depend on the type of thread in your carpet.

Our other two models, suitable for commercial or industrial needs, are the XTreme Power XPH-9600 and XPH-9650. While the XPH-9600 is ideal for high- or low-pile carpets in residential or commercial settings, the XPH-9650 is the best option for low-pile carpets in commercial environments. Both powerful machines can reach up to 500 pounds per square inch of pressure and temperatures of 210 degrees Fahrenheit. With a heating time of less than five minutes, they will save your cleaning staff added time during the cleaning process.

All of our commercial carpet extractors feature low-flow technology. This proprietary technology achieves industry-leading cleaning results while injecting a minimal amount of liquid into the carpet. In addition to saving water and increasing the surface area covered within a single tank, low-flow technology limits the residual moisture after cleaning. This shortens drying times and greatly reduces the risk of excessive moisture generating mold or mildew within your carpets.

Daimer Industries Is a Worldwide Leader in Commercial and Industrial Cleaning

For years, Daimer Industries has enjoyed our spot atop the commercial and industrial cleaning world. Our leading brand didn't reach its pinnacle by accident. We have committed, at every step of the development, manufacture, and sales process, to providing our customers with top of the line products and services. We refuse to ever comprise our steadfast commitment to the using the best products on the marketplace. As an American owned and operated business, you can trust our ability to source parts and to manufacture them with highly skilled workers.

Worldwide, thousands of the largest conglomerates and Fortune 500 companies rely on our cleaning solutions. These include household names like American Airlines, Coca-Cola, and ConAgra. Those are just a few of the dozen prominent businesses that have come to appreciate the quality and reliability of Daimer Industries products. The faith these companies have placed in our products provides reassurance to all of our customers, no matter the size of your business. As you consider your purchase of a carpet extractor, remember that no other company is as committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. No matter what we do, there remains a constant: serving our customers before all else.


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