April 27, 2015

Daimer Industries: One of the Best Commercial Steam Cleaner Manufacturers

It is your typical night at the animal shelter where you volunteer.  Dogs are barking, asking you to discuss their favorite topics: playtime, meal time, comfy beds, and cuddle time.  While you make your way to the area that houses the cats, a smile crosses your face thinking about how happy these felines will be to receive a visitor.  When you go into one of the rooms, you are greeted not by one of your furry friends, but the stench of watered down ammonia. 

Not sure if your nose is playing tricks on you, you look for your favorite cat to cuddle up with.  As you pet it, one of the other residents walks up and misses its litterbox and urinates all over the floor.  Inwardly grimacing you wonder how often this happens.  You start to think of how to clean up this mess.  If you were to use normal carpet cleaner, you could potentially hurt or poison the felines.  After some thought, you realize that a carpet cleaning machine is your best bet.  At Daimer Industries, we pride ourselves on making your purchase a high quality carpet cleaning machine as painless as possible by providing online services.

Carpet Cleaning Machines for Home

Commercial Steam Cleaner After spending a bit of time out of town on business, you are looking forward to sleeping at home in your own bed.  In the middle of the night, you awaken scratching yourself on your arms.  When you wake the next morning, you have welts all over your skin, all in neat little rows.  After some quick research, you realize that somehow bedbugs managed to hitch a ride home with you by riding on one of your pieces of luggage.  While looking up the hotel where you want to stay, you made sure that it was a well-respected establishment with immaculate rooms.  Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are not limited to cluttered bedrooms: they can manifest anywhere.  With proper extermination methods, you can help eliminate these problems. 

Before you spend money on an exterminator to come out and use chemical means to destroy the infestation of bedbugs, you should consider investing in one of our reliable carpet cleaning machines.  Because the steam temperature reaches up to 369°F, our equipment is used in hotels and other locations to steam clean mattresses to help remove and eliminate bedbugs.

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning Machines for Business

While at the office one day, it is discovered that one of your colleagues has spilled bright pink nail polish on the carpeted office floor underneath her desk.  After a quick investigation as to how severe the stain was, you attempt to clean up the mess using nail polish remover, hoping that it would disappear before management found out.  The next day, despite the effort you put forth, some of the stain remained.  Luckily, you have a carpet cleaning machine, which will help remove the stain.

One of the primary functions of our carpet cleaning machines is to spot clean stains at high temperatures and pressures.  And it produces low moisture, so there is no discomfort in trying to navigate around wet spots.

One of the Best Carpet Cleaning Machines Around

One thing we are passionate about here at Daimer Industries is our planet.  We don’t want to leave any waste behind when you use our equipment.  Because of this, we are the only EPA-Compliant carpet cleaning machine manufacturer.  We also know that no one wants to wait a long time on cleaning equipment to warm up before you start to spot clean, mostly because this is probably the only task you have to do.  Our water temperatures are between 210°F and 369°F, insuring maximum sanitation quality and with our water pressures up to 125 psi carpet stains don’t stand a chance against our carpet cleaning machines. 

We are constantly looking to improve our technology, so when you purchase one of our carpet cleaning machine it won’t be utilizing processes that were invented long ago.  A couple of our latest advances include: our Advanced Self-Regulating Continuous Refill Technology™, which will insure that your vapor flow is one continuous stream and eliminates the time required to shut down the unit, refill the canister and wait for it to reheat the water, which will increase your carpet cleaning machine’s lifespan. 

We want to make your experiences with our equipment as stress-free as possible.  A couple of our models have stainless steel drums and boilers, which were selected above the industry norm of aluminum because stainless steel has a lower chance of rusting.  On top of which, each of our boilers come with a lifetime warranty, so if something should go amiss, a replacement is only a phone call or email away.

A couple of our models have significantly lower prices than the competition: our Kleenjet Pro Plus 300CS is modestly priced at $1,100 if you purchase it online whereas our competitors’ comparable model can be as high as $2500, $1,400 in savings and our Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S is priced at $900 if you purchase it online where our competitors’ pricing can be as high as $1800, double our cost.  

We hope you are encouraged to purchase one of our carpet cleaning machine, not only because it is cost effective, but it is also a healthier and a more environmentally friendlier way to clean.


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