March 18, 2016

How an Investment in a Commercial Carpet Cleaner Can Improve your Bottom Line

Commercial Carpet CleanerLet’s face it – keeping carpets clean requires effort and sometimes time you just don’t have to spare. Time is money, as they say, and traditional carpet cleaners don’t get the job done the first time. What you need is a Daimer commercial carpet cleaner to get the job done right, and get it done right the first time you use it. Our machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes to tackle jobs of all sorts from commercial and industrial to personal household use. Investing in a commercial carpet cleaner will save you time, money, and improve your bottom line.

Do It Yourself

Daimer commercial carpet cleaners do more than just clean. They make your life easier. They make cleaning go faster so you can get back to doing the important things you need to do. Not only that, but anyone can use one - they are simple enough even with their settings options. There will be no need to hire out expensive carpet cleaning services or pay premium prices to rent you own machine. It will pay for itself in due time!

Quality Is King

 We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our machines and the high-quality parts that go into them. With years of experience and a team of dedicated production and design engineers, Daimer is always pushing to improve our products so we can improve your life. Customers come from all different backgrounds needing machines for cleaning up all sorts of messes. Their repeat usage is a testament to the quality of our products, and some companies have even been using the same machine for up to twenty years. Designed to keep up with daily use, Daimer produces the best carpet cleaning machines that will prove their worth time and time again. You are sure to be satisfied with the results!

Time is Money

A common problem with cleaners is the time it takes to heat the water. Hot water is arguably the most important factor in the effectiveness of a carpet cleaner, and you should not have to sit around waiting for the water to heat up just so you can get to cleaning your carpet. All Daimer X-Treme Power machines take less than 15 minutes to heat the water, and most only take up to 5 minutes so you can get to cleaning faster.

Add-On Are An Added Bonus

We know that your cleaning needs are diverse and varied, which is why all Daimer X-Treme Power models have an available or optional upholstery wand. Now you can clean not just carpets to perfection, but also those tough upholstery stains. Instead of having to toss that waiting room sofa out to the curb because there is a stain on it, you can save yourself a good chunk of change by cleaning with an upholstery wand. As your fairy godmother might say, voila! Your upholstered pieces will be looking as good as new.

Dry As The Desert

If you have a stain that needs a quick fix, but you don’t have the time to wait all day for the carpet to dry after cleaning, there is even a solution for that. All models have a low-flow option to significantly reduce drying time. Instead of drenching carpet and lifting the water back out, low-flow uses a minimal amount of liquid to keep from soaking all the way through the carpet and into the pad beneath. This setting is perfect for a recent spill that hasn’t had time to set. With low-flow, cleaning is quick, and drying is even quicker.


No one wants an ugly machine, especially if there is a chance a customer or someone visiting might see it. An ugly machine ruins the atmosphere and the aesthetic. Daimer carpet cleaners come in a number of attractive colors including red, blue, and turquoise. They also have a simple, modern look that doesn’t give the impression they just popped out of the 1980s. While you probably won’t want to decorate with one, you won’t be ashamed if someone happens to see it.

Improve Your Bottom Line

Daimer produces the best carpet and upholstery cleaning machines on the market today. From the pride we take in the quality of our work to the pleasing appearance all the way to the efficiency of the machine, an X-Treme Power carpet cleaner is sure to be a key part of keeping your workplace looking fresh. Customers will have more faith in your work and be more comfortable if their experience starts with a clean and welcoming environment. Improve your bottom line today by investing in the best commercial carpet cleaner for sale – an X-Treme Power by Daimer.


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