February 23, 2016

How to Effectively Use a Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaner

Commercial Carpet Steam CleanersWhen you invest in the sanitary future of your home, business or vehicle, you want to make sure you treat that investment wisely. This means doing your research to understand what you're buying, why you're buying it, and then using it appropriately as recommended by the manufacturer for best results. At Daimer, we make commercial carpet steam cleaners that will work harder, more efficiently, and more safely than any other competitor in the industry. The real test for stain removal and carpet cleaning comes when you consider how you'll use your powerful resource.

We want to see you make the most of your investment, so we're happy to share with you a few tips on how to effectively use your commercial carpet steam cleaner.

Understanding How Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaners Work

Step one in understanding how to use your commercial carpet steamer is understanding how it works, and its mechanism of action that drives the results that our customers know and love. Our professional grade carpet steam cleaners work by injecting water into the carpet layers using innovative technologies and advanced tools that you can only find at Daimer Industries.

Don't Wait

Stains will set if you give them time, making it much more difficult to remove them. The key to stain removal with a commercial carpet steam cleaner is to work on the stain as quickly as possible after it happens. Don't delay in cleaning your carpets, as it'll only make the job much tougher in the long run.

Clean the Surface First

Our commercial carpet steam cleaners will work most effectively when you prepare the surface beforehand. To do this, simply spray the area to be cleaned with a powerful cleaning solution. We recommend choosing a carpet solution that has the best ratings in the industry in order to get those superior results. Once you've treated the carpet with a top notch cleaning solution, you can be sure that the hot water will work with the solution to loosen dirt and grime from the carpet fibers before it's all extracted.

Use Green Carpet Cleaning Solution

If you'd like to stay within the brand because of all around quality and guarantee, or you feel as though the stains you're approaching are particularly difficult as they often are in commercial settings, consider cleaning with Daimer's Green Carpet Cleaning Solution. This eco-friendly option is unique and highly effective for even the most difficult stains. There's no soap used, no chemicals used, and, unlike many other powerful cleaners, it's safe for all types of carpet. The Green Carpet cleaning solution is 100 percent bio-degradable, non-toxic, and leaves no trace of application on carpet (other than a job well done).

Make Use of Each Feature

All of our carpet steam cleaners come with multiple attachments that can make your cleaning job much simpler, and can increase applications for use. For example, with the attachments that are included, you may use the steam cleaner on soft surfaces, upholstery, wall partitions, curtains, rugs, in addition to carpets.

Many of our multipurpose cleaners are two in one: steam cleaner and vacuum cleaner. Vacuuming is a vitally important part of caring for your carpet, and there's no better machine in terms of power when it comes to buying a multipurpose cleaner. Our vacuum cleaners come equipped with innovative parts and technologies that ensure that they can extract dirt, dust, and debris from even the deepest layer of the carpet.

Allow it Time to Dry

All carpets run the risk of developing mold even after they've been sanitized and thoroughly clean, if they're not allowed the opportunity to dry. Most traditional carpet steam cleaners need 24-48 hours for drying before foot traffic is invited again, which is unfortunate when you consider that most business owners don't wish to close business down for 2 days while their carpets dry! One of the greatest benefits of using a Daimer commercial grade carpet steam cleaner is that they have significantly lower dry times. Instead of waiting 24-48 hours, our low-flow models use less water and help dry the carpets in a matter of hours, not days. This ensures that you can get your business back to normal working order quickly, and you've eliminated an opportunity for mold growth or odor formation due to dampness.

Do it Routinely

Your commercial carpet steam cleaner will catch and eliminate stains that you didn't even know were there. The best way to use these cleaners is to make use of them regularly. Make it a habit to steam clean your carpets routinely; doing so will ensure the best results when a stain does turn up, and will improve and increase your carpet's quality of life.

Don't use your commercial grade commercial steam cleaner haphazardly or without a great idea of instruction. Rather, do your homework and understand how your cleaner works, and how you can make the most of it.


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