May 25, 2016

Start your Own Cleaning Service with a Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Commercial Steam CleanersRunning a carpet cleaning business takes a lot of hard work, time, money, and patience. People in this business can tell you they need the best cleaning machines available. The best commercial carpet cleaner will leave the carpet pristine and dry in a decent amount of time. The cleaning machine also has to be easy to transport when taking on jobs.

How can you start your own cleaning service using one of our excellent commercial carpet cleaners? Believe it or not, these cleaning machines have a lot to offer when it comes to carpet. There are even a couple that can be used for multiple cleaning jobs.

Offers a Necessary Maintenance

One of the benefits to steam cleaning is how it’s a necessary maintenance for carpets. Carpet is notorious for catching dust and debris in the area. Drinks spilled on it become stains, toxic gases can become trapped in it, and the carpet can even become discolored. Carpets can even have a funny smell or ruin the air quality of the home. Vacuuming and other traditional cleaning methods do little to help improve the quality of the carpet.

Using a commercial carpet cleaner can help a carpet to look like new again. Carpet won’t last forever, but it can last a long time with proper maintenance. One rule of thumb you’ll find in the industry is the hotter the steam, the deeper the clean. This is due to the amazing science behind steam cleaning, and why it’s such a great option for many residential and commercial buildings.

Why do People Prefer Steam Cleaning?

We are always more than happy to talk about the great qualities of steam cleaning with our customers. Steaming cleaning has seen a rise in popularity since it’s safe, effective, and very thorough. Steam is able to get deep into the carpet fibers where a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. When it hits this area of the carpet the steam begins to break down the dust and debris on a molecular level. Once it’s broken down the steam forces it to the surface where the cleaning machine sucks it up. This leaves the carpet fibers completely cleansed once the steam has left them.

The cool aspect about steam cleaning is that you don’t need harsh chemicals in order to achieve the deep clean you desire. While it is recommended to use a mild cleaning agent, there are other options you can turn too. People have even used vinegar and lemon to clean out their carpets instead of other cleaning agents. These are all natural and won’t harm pets and young children in the home. You can even use cleaning agents that are eco-friendly and contain no harsh chemicals.

The bottom line is steam does all the hard work for you. You don’t have to sit there and scrub one area of the carpet in order to get it clean. Steam is a clean, safe, and effective way of deep cleaning the carpet without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Truck Mounted or No?

One of the biggest questions people often ask is whether they should go with a truck mounted cleaning machine or a portable one. We do offer cleaning machines that come in both depending on your preferences. The truck mounted one is usually preferred since it’s easier to transport and to set up when you arrive on site. The moment you park you’re ready to start the cleaning job.

The portable versions are equally as good since they can be carried up and moved to multiple floors. While you can use each of these machines for residential and commercial buildings, there are drawbacks to both of them. The truck mounted machine is preferred since it’s great for on the go. When a spill occurs the mess stays in the truck where it’s easier to clean up. When a spill happens inside you risk damaging the carpet of your client.

The type of cleaning machine you decide to go with should fit your needs and expectations. Usually having at least one or two of these cleaning machines for your carpet cleaning business will allow you to have the benefits of each one. Running a business is hard when you have to make an investment in equipment you know will last and is a high quality.

Here at Daimer Industries, we’re the industry leaders in steam cleaning technology. We constantly strive for excellence to bring our customers the best high quality cleaning machines on the market.


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