December 04, 2014

Tips for Purchasing a Commercial Steam Cleaner

Commercial Steam CleanersAs more and more people become aware of the harsh effects that chemicals have on their indoor environment, they have begun to search for a chemical free, natural cleaning solution. Investing in a commercial steam cleaner offers an eco-friendly way to keep all surfaces clean and germ free. No matter if you need it for your home, office or other commercial space, this equipment offers a sparkling clean that does not require chemicals that may harm your health and air quality.

About Commercial Steam Cleaners

The commercial steam cleaner uses regular tap water and then creates a dry steam that is strong enough to eliminate any dander, biofilms, flea eggs, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, grime, dirt and other substances in just minutes, without having to use any type of chemical cleaner. These steam cleaners have been equipped with an internal water tank or boiler that will heat the water to temperatures as high as 325 degrees Fahrenheit. With temperatures that are this high, the water will be transformed to steam, which will be able to penetrate various microscopic pores on a number of different surfaces so that allergens, germs and dirt are destroyed. Additionally, when you clean with steam, it will let you deodorize and sanitize surfaces much more quickly than the liquid detergent counterparts.

A traditional deep cleaning device will combine water with the chemical detergents to remove any unwanted contaminants. When you do this, you are adding potentially harmful chemicals to your home. A portion of the benefits offered by dry vapor steam cleaning is that it will clean the area without any chemicals and it will not leave any type of long-lasting wet spots behind.

When you use a steam cleaning device, then you will be able to create a healthier and cleaner environment with just water.

A Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner will Reduce Cross Contamination

When you use a steam cleaner it will also reduce the chances of cross contamination. When you use ordinary liquid detergent and a sponge, then you will be at risk of transferring germs, bacteria and a number of other contaminants to other places you are cleaning, which will make your efforts much less effective. Also, there are a number of contaminants that will survive better in wet environments, which will make the sanitization much more difficult. Since the steam cleaner will get rid of grime and dirt, while eliminating germs, viruses, bacteria odors and more, there is not any type of risk that these contaminants will be transferred to other any surface, since they will not survive once they meet the high temperature steam.

Applications for a Commercial Grade Steam Cleaner

When you invest in a commercial steam cleaner, you will be able to use it for a number of different purposes and to clean a number of different surfaces, which include: sealed hardwood floors; carpeting; linoleum floors; wallpapered, painted and paneled ceilings and walls; vents; leather and cotton upholstery; vertical and horizontal blinds; window screens; mirrors; and more. These machines can also be used for cleaning fiberglass, automobiles, boats, warehouse equipment and restaurant equipment.

In addition to these rather large jobs, a steam cleaner will be able to handle smaller jobs, as well, such as sports equipment and jewelry polishing. Since the steam cleaner will utilizing hot vapor for the deodorizing and sanitizing process, they will also be beneficial as a defrosting freezer, to remove any unwanted vegetation and to eliminate algae that is on decks or other wood surfaces.

Efficiency and Size of the Commercial Floor Steam Cleaner

No matter if you need to spot clean an oil spill on the concrete warehouse floor, or clean bed frames for hospital rooms, we offer a commercial steam cleaner to help you get the job done. There are a number of different home and commercial steam cleaners that we currently offer. Finding the right size steam cleaner is essential if you want to ensure that the job is done right and that your space is completely clean when you complete the cleaning process.

While there are a number of steam cleaners that we offer for homes and apartments, we also have a number of commercial and industrial steam cleaners, as well. If you need an effective piece of cleaning equipment for a hospital, hotel or restaurant, then you will need something that has more power than the traditional steam cleaner that you would use for your home. Our commercial cleaners are constructed in a manner to stand up to wear and tear and will ensure that your business or commercial space is spotless.

When you begin to look for the commercial steam cleaner that is best for your needs, chances are that the cost will be a significant factor that you are considering. This is why you need to ensure that you know your budget, this way you will be able to find the best steam cleaner for your particular needs and ensure that it will be able to handle the issues that you are facing.

We offer all sizes and types of steam cleaners to ensure that the job you need completed, gets done. This is important to ensure that your space is clean and that it provides a healthy environment for your employees and customers. No matter the type of commercial space that you have, utilizing a steam cleaner will come in handy and help you create a cleaner and more sanitary location. 


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