January 06, 2015

Why Commercial Steam Cleaners Should be Used in Your Home

Commearcial Steam CleanersCommercial steam cleaners are the perfect way to get your carpets and tiles clean. Steam cleaning your carpets has become an alternative to the traditional shampoo method. Many people are usually indoors of a building throughout the day whether it be at their place of work or at home. The carpets in your home can carry dirt, pollutants and allergens in the carpets even if you vacuum them everyday.

There are many benefits to using commercial steam cleaners when hot water and stream are working together. Steam cleaners can handle a variety of tasks to clean such as kitchen and bathroom floors, cleaning grout, cleaning windows, mirrors and screens.

Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaners Give Your Carpets a Deep Cleaning

It is very important to vacuum and spot clean your carpets to make sure any dirt, debris and harmful pollutants are removed on a daily basis. This helps to prolong the life of your carpets, however, vacuuming and spot cleaning will only clean the surface area of the carpets. When (commercial carpet steam cleaners) are used, especially in heavy traffic areas of the home, the cleaners will give the carpets a deep cleaning.

(Commercial carpet steam cleaners) will give your carpets a deep cleaning to remove any harmful pollutants and allergens. You family brings these things into your home from the outside from what attaches to their shoes and their clothes. If you have pets, then your carpets will have pet hair that can be ground into the fibers also. Throughout the months and so on, there will be build-up of grime and dust. (Commercial carpet steam cleaners will remove that build-up, your carpets will look better, and you will be more protected from what is brought in within your home.

Shampoo Treatments vs. Commercial Grade Carpet Steam Cleaner

Homeowners may opt into having their carpets cleaned by a shampoo treatment. This type of treatment uses foam to clean the fibers of the carpet break down unwanted particles and dirt that had become trapped in the fiber strands through the months and years. Since the shampoo is a lubricate, it can minimize the damage from the machine's large brushes and it is a quick way to clean small stains and areas that have a high foot traffic.

Although shampoo treatments can clean the surface and the fibers of the carpet, however, a commercial grade carpet steam cleaner will use the hot water to get further down into the carpet and remove any build-up. Due to the heat that is used, the commercial cleaner will help to reduce the amount of mites, bacteria, germs and other toxin that are present. Other benefits of this type of cleaner is that the depth of cleaning it does will reduce harmful allergens and greatly improve how the carpet appears overall, while keeping the carpet in good shape and adding on to its lifespan. A Commercial grade carpet steam cleaner will dry quicker compared to most shampoo treatments which are water-based. After the carpet is thoroughly dried after using the steam cleaner, it can minimize the re-soiling when anyone enters the home.

Either one of these does a decent job of cleaning your carpets, although, a steam cleaner will use less chemicals than a shampoo treatments. This will ensure that the home is less likely to be contaminated with any harmful residues keeping the air healthy and clean for everyone and your pets from allergens and other sensitivities.

Do-it-Yourself with a Portable Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaner

If you are one that doe not mind give your carpets a good cleaning, then you could use a portable commercial carpet steam cleaner. These steam cleaners can be maneuvered around from room to room and easily used to remove any spot or clean your entire carpet. They will also clean more thoroughly than the supermarket carpet cleaners will. Having your own steam cleaner would also save you money from renting the ones from the store also. Another great reason to have a portable steam cleaner is that you are able to clean up a stain quickly before it sets into the carpet. When purchasing a portable commercial carpet steam cleaner it is important to be safe while using one. Some safety features that you should be aware of are:

  • On/off switch trigger on the handle of the steam cleaner
  • Safety cap that helps to control excess pressure
  • Pressure gauge that regulates the machine for optimal pressure
  • Automatic shut off when the water level is low and needs to be refilled

You can even have the option of having a technician to come to your home to give your carpets a professional cleaning if you dread the chore. A professional technician will ensure that the carpet in each room will be steam cleaned thoroughly. After the cleaning, your carpets will feel like brand new and soft to the touch.

Daimer offers a variety of steam cleaners for your residence of business. We were the first company to have introduced commercial steam cleaners to North America, bringing the most unique and specialized cleaning machines to the world. If you are looking for a steam cleaner for your business, Daimer is the company to call.

View our website for our available steam cleaners for purchase or contact us at 1-800-471-7157 to speak with one of our customer service representatives for any questions about our products. We will be happy to answer them and look forward to hearing from you.


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