December 02, 2014

Why You Should Use a Car Steam Cleaner

Car Steam CleanerProfessional detailing services and individual car owners are always seeking new ways to ensure a car is truly dazzling on the inside and the outside. A new technology that is being used for cleaning vehicles is to use a car steam cleaner. This method is different than any other in a number of ways.

The Difference Offered by Car Steam Cleaners

There are a number of ways that auto steamers work differently than other methods used by auto detailers, which include:

  • It will not use a large amount of water, which means that a single pint will be able to clean your entire (average sized) vehicle.
  • It will not require any type of harsh chemical cleaners.
  • It does mean that you have to use bulky or fancy equipment.
  • You can use it at home for your vehicles, boats, ATVs and more.
  • You can use the equipment on both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle.

Why Steam Cleaners for Autos Are Misunderstood

Even with all the advantages, there are still a number of people who have a number of misgivings regarding trying it out. It is completely understandable that a vehicle owner will want to ensure that they do not cause any damage during the cleaning process. Additionally, the car steam cleaner is still a relatively new concept, which means that there are some doubts surrounding its ability to deliver high-quality, efficient results.

With that said, there are still some professional auto detailers who have been hesitant to try out the products we offer. They do not want to have to invest in new equipment that will not be used much, or asked for by customers. In fact, only approximately one third of all detailers are offering a steam cleaning service, while the majority of them are still utilizing the traditional methods to wash vehicles that have been used for a number of years.

One of the largest fears of detailers and car owners about using a steamer for the vehicle is that the job will not be done well, or that damage will be caused. However, the truth is that this could not be further from the truth. Steam technology has been used for decades for cleaning carpets, rugs, fabrics, floors and other surfaces, and it is effective and safe. This is the same truth for autos.

Steam Cleaning Machines Work on the Interior and Exterior of Your Vehicle

A great way to enhance your car’s look is to use a hand held steamer for the exterior of your vehicle. This will work to blast all signs of grime, mud and dirt away from the surface, much more effectively than chemical agents or plain soapy water. Additionally, your vehicle’s surface will be finished because the system, which is under high pressure, will not scratch or mess up the paintwork that is present on the surface. The steamer will deliver a type of high quality clean that will last much longer than the traditional clean achieved from a car wash.

  • Interior Steam Cleaning

Using a steam cleaner on the interior of your vehicle will provide you with the unique ability to reach crevices and creases you were never able to get to in the past. The different nozzle sizes can be used for picking up dust and dirt from some of the harder to reach locations, such as the spaces in between dashboard buttons, air vents and cup holders. Additionally, just wiping down and dusting the interior of your car on a regular basis will not be able to eradicate germs and allergens that tend to accumulate over time; however, using one of or high quality car steam cleaners can.

  • Exterior Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaner that you use on the interior of your vehicle can also be sued on the exterior. The high pressure makes it an extremely effective way to clean all the exterior surfaces. The best part is that this method will not cause any type of damage to your car’s paint or finish. There are a number of mechanics and other parts dealers that use the steam cleaner to clean car parts to find where a leak or other issue may be.

The best part is that you will achieve a shiny, clean and beautiful looking vehicle without causing any type of damage to the vehicle, or to the environment. The majority of old-fashioned cleaning techniques will be relying on chemical agents and water for cleaning your vehicle. Additionally, these substances will have to be used in large quantities for every car wash cycle. However, with you use steam cleaning equipment you will only need a small amount of water and the actual machine in order to get the job done. This is more than enough of a reason that you should try this type of technology next time you invest in auto detailing.

We offer a number of different options when it comes to a car steam cleaner for you to choose from depending on your specific needs. For example, if you are simply going to be washing your personal vehicles, then a smaller steam cleaner will be sufficient. However, if you are purchasing equipment for your auto detailing business, then you may need to purchase one of the bigger machines that we offer. They are all high quality and will provide you with the results that you want and need for a superior clean for your vehicle.


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