June 06, 2016

Best Auto Detailing Steam Cleaners For Sale

The car washing and detailing business is growing to become a very profitable niche as auto detailers seek to satisfy the growing demands of prospective customers who own some vehicles that need routine cleanings.   For most car owners, cleaning the inside of the vehicle is just as important as the outside, so if you're looking to get the job done right, you will need the best cleaning machine ensure that your results are unmatched by the local competition. As a car washing business owner, carpet shampooing machines can be a critical component to your day to day operations, but not all shampooing machines are created equal. At Daimer Industries, we have the most advanced and durable car wash detailing equipment available on the market that cleans carpet thoroughly leaving all of your customers satisfied and coming back for more car washes int he future. 

Buying Carpet Shampooers For Your Car Wash Business is an Investment

When you buy a portable or heavy duty carpet shampooer, you're investing in the quality of service you provide to your customers. If you’ve ever had to work on a car that has poorly maintained carpet, there are a few things that you might be faced to deal with. The carpet and mats will be excessively worn down  on high traffic areas, such as below the foot pedals and in the middle foot resting area in front of the seats. Neglected carpet will also lose some of its original texture and feel, as the carpet pile is diminished through ware and tare over time. Carpets in vehicles that have not been maintained properly can also store mildew and unpleasant odors making the vehicle an uncomfortable place to be stuck in for long periods of time. This is where your car washing equipment comes into play, with our machines, you can get those odors out in a jiffy and make that car a pleasant place to breathe and commute to work on a day to day again. 

When compared to residential or commercial carpets, automobile carpets are usually prone to getting dirtier fast.er. All sorts of dirt, mud, dust, and debris like sane or rocks are usually cariied into the car or SUV. These types of debris can do more than just stain the carpet, because over time they will act as abrasive material that can eventually wear out the texture of the carpet giving it that dull look and feel that carpets get over time. Holes can even be a problem if you’re dealing with a really bad carpet that hasn't been cleaned in a long time. This is why it is critical for automobile owners to routinely vacuum and shampoo their mats or carpet, and also why it’s also important that if provide this type of service; you do so correctly by using the highest quality equipment like ours.

The inside of a vehicle’s surfaces (aside from carpet) surface areas like the dash board and center console are also common areas to have to clean. As an auto detailer, you probably already know how hard / difficult it can be to get rid of tough stains in those hard to reach areas like the center console under the e-brake handle. Not having the right equipment for the job can make things even harder.  Our range of car detailing equipment can tackle virtually any type of auto detailing project or job. Shop now by visiting our online catalog under the auto detailing section.

Daimer’s High Quality Car Detailing Steam Cleaners

Shampooing a vehicles carpet properly can take a very long time if you’re not using a high powered steam cleaner designed for auto detailing. Did you know Daimer has gone green? Since we are committed to being as green as possible, our eco-friendly products are extremely efficient. Our easily transportable / portable carpet shampooing machines for vehicles are designed to use water at a highly efficient rate, without compromising effectiveness of the cleaning job. Using water more efficiently leads to decreased utility costs which it fantastic, but it also means you’re helping the planet by going green. When you use our machines to shampoo a vehicles interior carpet, it will sometimes only take up to an hour to dry, because our products are designed to use only the right amount of steam and water without over saturating the seats or carpet which can lead to mildew production. No stains will be left behind when you use one of our high powered steam cleaners for automobiles.

When you search for a shampooer on our website, we have 2 main types to choose from. Our more affordable unit which is not heated but can still be very effective for a carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. The non-heated units are primarily for smaller jobs and not for heavily stained or dirty carpets that have not been cleaned in years. They’re more suitable for quick cleans or routine cleanings on a car that doesn’t need a heavy duty cleaning. The heated auto detailing units can be used for a more serious types of cleaning / detailing job. Heated cleanings are better to use if you want to ensure all the grime and mildew is removed properly and to provide better results. Removing odors is easier when you use a heated cleaner too. For more delicate fabrics, any of the heated cleaners can also switch to non-heated mode if you need to clean fabrics that aren’t resistant to heated cleanings. Heating temperatures are reached within 5 minutes of turning on the machine as another way to be more efficient with our product design.

When (not if) you buy a upholstery steam cleaner from Daimer, you will get a free wand attachment with your unit. While most competitors will charge an additional fee when a customer wants an accessory, we offer it for free because we feel it’s a critical accessory to have in order to get the job done right. There is a spay nozzle and handle which work together, and connecting the hoses to the unit is as easy as 1-2-3. The wand is very durable unlike some models that use cheap plastic which can break in no time.

Auto Carpet Cleaners

Buying a Daimer product means your investing ina  machine that will provides industry leading technology that is durable and effective. Parts and components that are incorporate into our designs are meant to last for a very long time so that you don’t have to order replacement parts constantly. The effectiveness and efficiency of our products are unmatched by the competition and if you own a car detailing pressure cleaner or steam cleaner made by Daimer, you will have a service that is unmatched by your competition too.


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