March 27, 2015

Make The Removal Of Gum On Surfaces Easier With The Use Of A Gum Removal Machine

As much as chewing gum is so fun especially for kids and teenagers, if it gets stuck on your carpet or upholstery, getting rid of it is such a nuisance. It often involves scrubbing and scratching surfaces sometimes ruining them especially if you are using the wrong type of equipment. I am yet to come across anyone who loves this cumbersome chore of removing chewing gum from surfaces. However, if you are using the right gum removal equipment, it’s one of the easiest chores. With the gum removal machines that are technologically advanced, cleaning gum from your home or commercial building is such a breeze. These gum removal machines are built with the latest technology which makes it simpler to clean your home or commercial building efficiently with little effort.

How to understand the technology used in gum removal machines

Gum Removal MachinesTo clearly understand the technology used in making gum removal equipment effective, we should be able to comprehend the technology that’s used in its manufacture.
The most popular method used in the removal of chewing gum is the use of high pressure superheated steam also known as dry steam. This method makes use of heat instead of pressure to quickly and easily melt down the gum. The heat can reach temperatures of more than 360 degrees. It’s one of the most powerful methods that uses minimal amount of water and takes lesser time.

You can also increase the power of gum removal technology by making use of chemicals which work together with the high heat of the steam to get rid of the chewing gum. This chewing gum machines are so versatile and they can be used on different surfaces such as cement, granite, concrete, carpets and bricks. Most public areas that are often visited by younger people such as malls, stadiums, schools, and cinemas make use of this type of gum removal equipment to get rid of gum more easily. Factories and offices where external appearance matters the most also use this technology to keep their surfaces free from any gummy substances.

Since there is no scrapping and excessive brushing of your surfaces, you can sure that you will not have to deal with wear and tear while using a gum removal machine.

One can buy gum removal machines that use 240v electricity can or battery powered ones since they allow the machine to function without the need for electric power generator. The battery powered machines are easy and simple to set up and can get rid of chewing gum very effectively. Additionally, gum machines from daimer are designed to specifically deal with hardened chewing gum on your surfaces and leave you with exceptionally clean and tidy areas.

The high temperatures do not only dissolve the gum, but the entire process also assists in disinfecting your surfaces by killing 99.9% bacteria, thus giving you an environment that’s germ free.

There are some easy to carry around steam cleaners that also come with chewing extraction kits. You can buy those especially if you have some kids at home to help you in keeping your surfaces gum free.

Gum removal machines for sale: where to buy

Gum removal machines are great for both home and commercial purposes. If you have young children and teenagers, then you can always be sure to find gum in the wrong places. Rather than getting worked up each time this does happen, it would be better to buy a chewing gum machine to make your work easier.

For commercial buildings, chewing gum removal machines are must have if you want to keep the surfaces of your business clean for everybody that comes in. Before you can make that final decision to buy gum removal machines, you can first check for a machine that will suit your needs.

At daimer, we offer high quality gum removal machines that will cater for your needs at the most affordable prices. You can check other online stores that offer such kind of machines and compare prices but one thing is for sure, Daimer prices are the best.

We have various types of gum removal machines for sale that will cater for different people based on their prices and performance capacities.  Our chewing gum machines come with extra free durable brushes that easily get rid of all types of gum residues on any type of surface. Our machines are designed with the latest technology to help easily rid your surface of gum within the shortest span of time.

If you own a commercial building, then at, we will make the dream of owning a gum removal machine true for you no matter your financial situation. This is not only limited to people with business, but also for individual clients. Our lease to own program is usually approved within 30 seconds after your application will enable you to own one of our high quality machines even if you do not have the cash to purchase it at the time. To learn more about this program, visit our website.

Furthermore, we will also offer you with free shipping if you are within the US after you purchase our gum removal equipment. Our customer care representatives are always available 24/7 should you want to speak to any of them. 


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