March 03, 2015

All You Need to Know About Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaners MachinesRemoving spots and stains from furniture, floors, carpets and upholstery is a nightmare for all. Thanks to steam cleaning, the days of struggle are over. It's one of the most popular ways to get rid of unwanted stains, spills, dust and dirt. It's indeed an effective alternative to harmful chemicals that you often use with other modes of cleaning. Moreover, steam cleaners also help sanitize the surface that’s being cleaned, thanks to the high temperature. Thus, by using these machines, you can ensure a bacteria-free environment in your home or office. Steam cleaning is an effective way to save your money as well as time, apart from helping you to bring down your carbon footprints and live a greener life.

How Does a Steam Cleaning Machine Work?

The process of steam cleaning is quite simple. Grime and dirt have an adhesive quality in them due to which they get stuck on all types of surfaces. The heat that gets emitted from the steam helps melt the adhesive while the dampness of the steam helps dilute it. All you need to do after using the steam cleaner is wipe the surface with a piece of cloth and it clears the grime and dirt right away.

How a steam cleaning equipment works can be explained with this step-by-step procedure:

·         The tank of a steam cleaner is filled with regular tap water, and with the help of an electric valve or an internal boiler, the water is heated to generate steam.

·         Next, the steam is pushed out from the machine through the attachment and targeted on the desired surface.

·         The steam that comes out from the machine loosens the grease, dirt and grime that have soiled the area. During this process, the steam also sanitizes the particular area and destroys up to 98% of the harmful germs and bacteria. Germs that are usually destroyed include bed bugs, fleas, dust mites, mould and mildew.

·         The micro-fiber steam cleaning cloths that usually come with the machines are placed over the cleaning attachments. These clothes trap the steam when it comes out of the cleaning machine. This ensures the steam is not dissipated into the air. This way, it cleans the dirty surface more efficiently.

It is advisable to use furniture steam cleaners if you are cleaning furniture like antique table, sofa or dining table, while opting for a car steam cleaner is recommended if you are planning to clean the upholstery of a car.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vapor Steam Cleaners?

·         Environmental-friendly – One of the major benefits of using a steam cleaner is that it helps you live an environmental-friendly life. Since the process of steam cleaning requires only heat and water, it doesn't cause damage to the surfaces or objects that need to be cleaned. The process also avoids using any harmful chemicals like bleach or ammonia that can adversely affect the environment.

·         It's safe for your health – Steam cleaning helps you get rid of fleas, dust mites and bed bugs. Dust mites cause allergic reactions in humans. By eliminating these, you become less vulnerable to allergens and thus can protect your health better.

·         Safe for children – Other kind of cleaners that use chemicals may leave a residue on an otherwise clean surface. These are often known to be hazardous and may also cause diseases. This can prove to be fatal, especially if you have kids or pets at home. Since they tend to crawl or play on the floor most of the time, the chemical residues left on the floor can cause severe damage to their health.

·         Helps reduce the risk of developing respiratory diseases – Chemicals often cause respiratory diseases or worsen existing conditions like asthma, chronic bronchitis etc, both in children and adults. By eliminating the allergens such as dust mites and other bacteria from your home, you can ensure a safe and allergen-free environment at your home. Early exposure to allergens makes children more vulnerable to these diseases. By steam cleaning sofas, beds and other furniture, especially the ones that are mostly used by your kids, you can protect your family as well as keep the home spic and span. You can also consider carrying a portable steam cleaner while going on vacation.

·         Helps save money – Once you invest in a vapor steam cleaner, you can use it to clean your entire home. You can use it on almost all the surfaces and different types of upholstery. This way, you don't need to buy any other cleaning products and can save money in the long run.

Choose the Right Type of Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners that are available in the market vary in strength, size and shape to a great extent. However, there are three styles for domestic use. You can either use a hand-held steamer, a steam mop or a canister steamer. In case you want a cleaner for commercial or industrial purposes, you will need more powerful models of industrial steam cleaners or commercial steam cleaners to clean the surfaces and sites efficiently and quickly.

If you need the best cleaning results, you can give the conventional cleaning equipments a miss and buy top-rated steam cleaners from us. To get more information on different makes and models of steam cleaners and the accessories shipped with every machine, you can contacts us. Whether you want to enjoy the superior cleaning power of modern steam cleaners for diverse cleaning applications, or need technologically advanced portable steam cleaners with a high degree of efficiency, you can get them all and more from us. So, buy your chosen product from us and tackle your cleaning jobs with ease.  


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