March 04, 2015

Factors to Consider While Buying a Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Steam Vacuum CleanersCleaning your home is undoubtedly one of the most tedious jobs that all of you have to perform. However, the advancement of technology has contributed to the availability of sophisticated home appliances, steam vacuum cleaners being one of them. It has not only replaced the process of conventional cleaning, but also made the process of cleaning way more hassle-free. A vacuum steam cleaner is a simple device that uses thick jets of steam at low pressure. The steam is released at the cleaning nozzle along with the usual air suction device. By using it, hard floors and carpets can be cleaned easily. These types of cleaners are quite lightweight and have a compact design, which makes them portable and user-friendly.

A steam cleaner vacuum ensures more effective cleaning. The steam generated from these machines help melt and dilute the dirt and grime. This is why it's absolutely easy to get rid of stubborn dirt and stains with these machines.

Choosing the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner for You

While it's true that a steam vacuum cleaner can help you remove dirt and grime easily, you should be careful while choosing the make and model. There are several factors that you should keep in mind while choosing such as cleaner, some of which are:

·         Quality of the Tools - The quality of tools used in a cleaning machine is one of the important factors to consider. This is crucial since this is what determines whether or not you'll be satisfied with the performance of the steam cleaner in the long run. The cleaning equipment should have good quality tools installed within it and come equipped with a wide collection of steam cleaning attachments. These will ensure a faster process of cleaning and also help you achieve satisfactory results. Try to get a cleaner from a manufacturer who supplies commercial as well as domestic steam cleaners. This is important since they are experienced of manufacturing cleaning equipments with good quality tools, suited for the specific cleaning tasks you have in mind.

·         Steam Temperature – Usually, manufacturers inform you about two temperatures when you buy a vacuum cleaner with steam. One is the internal temperature in the boiler while the other is at the tip of the attachment. The temperature at the tip varies with the steam pressure that is being used and the attachments. On the other hand, the temperature within the boiler remains constant. Remember - machines with higher temperature usually offer better results since there is a quantum leap in the effectiveness of cleaning with every 10 degree increase in the steam temperature.

·         Durability – Just like you check the durability of any other home appliance before buying it, you should do the same before buying a steam cleaner vacuum combo. Just as they say “you get what you pay for”, you should avoid buying the cleaners that are available at an extremely cheap price. Look for metal coated machines instead of the plastic coated ones as these ensure durability in the long run. The plastic coated machines often tend to crack over the course of years. Try to get a steam cleaner that has an enclosed circuit board inside it. Otherwise, the machine may short out if the moisture gets into it. Make sure the interior connections have brass fittings and copper tubing since those that are made of rubber usually break down, over time.

·         Reservoir Steam Cleaner vs. Continuous Fill – Although both the technologies have their own pros and cons, you need to choose any one while buying a steam vacuum cleaner. If you are planning to use the cleaner for two hours at a stretch and aren’t a clean freak, you can happily buy a cleaner with the reservoir traditional boiler system. On the other hand, if you're going to stick to prolonged cleaning and need to use the machine for more than two hours at a stretch, you should opt for a vacuum cleaner with a continuous fill. Else, you may get frustrated while waiting for the traditional machine to cool down and refill. Moreover, there are two boilers in a continuous fill machine and all you need to do is open up the cap and add water. In these machines, the steam never comes out.

Where to Buy Steam Vacuum Cleaners

You should buy the machines from a reliable manufacturer. You may come across many dealers that offer lucrative deals on steam vacuum cleaners. Quite unfortunately, the ultimate objective of these dealers is to make quick profit by making a fool out of you. Make sure the dealer that you are buying from is authorized to offer the service and has a reputation in the market for providing quality machines. You should also check past client testimonials to understand how well its products have stood the test of time and delivered effective results. In case you are not ready to invest in buying these machines, you may even consider getting steam vacuum cleaner on lease. Several stores offer a leasing range to help you benefit from spreading your capital investments.

Whether you want to buy steam vacuum cleaners or need a reliable partner to lease one out that suits your needs, we are there to help. Simply browse our products to take your pick or consult our experts if you need help selecting one. For more information on our range of other commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, reach us today! 


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