September 05, 2014

Steam Vacuum Cleaners: The Critical Addition You Need for Clean

What's the first tool you think of when you think about cleaning floors? If you imagined a carpeted floor, you probably thought of a vacuum. But anyone working in a business environment understands that the high traffic endured by carpets in an office or other commercial or industrial building far exceed the demands put on carpets in your home. That's why, at Daimer Industries, we've developed a line of steam vacuum cleaners that can tackle those toughest of spots and stains. A steam vacuum cleaner can turn your carpet back toward its original luster—not just sweep up the crumbs and leave the difficult stains to be ground back into your carpets, passing foot by passing foot.

What Makes Daimer Industries the Leader for Steam Vacuum Cleaners

At Daimer Industries we take exceptional pride in our construction of an array of cleaning solutions for all commercial and industrial spaces. As we noted, the demand for clean in these areas is higher than home needs, both because of the heavy use and because your business's appearance is essential to attracting and retaining customers. For years, we've continued to refine our manufacturing process to ensure that we deliver the best quality product to our customers. An essential component of this drive is the use of the highest quality parts. Using top-of-the line parts is part of our promise to you that we will never make any product alterations for any reason other that improving the experience of the end user.

How can we manage to provide the highest quality parts while retaining low prices? The answer is simple: low profit margins. We have always operated under the business principle that accepting a lower profit margin will allow us to create more value within our products, both by spending more in their development and manufacture and by maintaining lower prices than some of our competitors. Our model has shown tremendous success over time, and we currently ship our products to more than two hundred countries and territories around the world. We're even able to count the White House as a customer.

And while, for the end user, the quality of the product reigns paramount, you get so much more when you choose Daimer Industries. We have an expert staff that can help you during the assessment and selection process. Importantly, we're happy to say that none of our staff makes a commission, so you can trust their advice, whether they are recommending our least expensive or most expensive model. We absolutely refuse to sell any customer a product or model that is too costly for their needs. We're still here for our customers after the sale, too. Our goal is to make sure you get the most out of your product for years to come, and we're confident you'll appreciate our continued support and service along the way—not to mention a cleaner environment.

We share these details with our customers because we believe our openness about how we operate is unique in our industry, or any industry, and also critical to inspiring confidence for you as you look to purchase new cleaning equipment. We realize not many people have the time—or our equivalent passion—about different types of vacuums or steam cleaners. We're happy to lend our expertise and our passion. You'll be happy with the result.

More about the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner on the Market

If you already know you want a steam vacuum cleaner, you're probably asking yourself this next question: Where can I find the best steam vacuum cleaner? Whether or not price is an essential component of your calculation, you'll certainly want the best quality money can buy. Daimer Industries is the world's number-one brand of commercial and industrial steam cleaners. We have more than 700 models of various steam cleaners, so you can be sure that you'll find the unique fit for your business needs. We're also an American-owned company, which means your purchase supports workers right here in the United States. Further, you get the added comfort from quality of American workmanship—you'll know who made your product and be able to trust the quality of its component parts.

Our most popular models of steam vacuum cleaners are our KleenJet series. We have eight different models designed to suit your cleaning needs, including taking into account your square footage and the depth of clean you need. Most models feature patented technologies you can only find in products made by Daimer Industries. Models heat to exceptional temperatures to maximize stain removal. They also heat quickly, which saves you and your employees time during the cleaning process. The stainless steel boiler that comes with your steam vacuum cleaner includes a lifetime warranty, and many of our cleaning products are “green.”

With several different models to choose from, we know you may have questions. The good news is that we have honest, unbiased answers. No one knows the capabilities—and limitations—of each of our cleaning machines better than we do. Before you make any decision, make sure you get in touch with us to find out everything you need to know before making your purchase. It's the only way to guarantee that you'll not only be satisfied at the point of sale, but that your clean carpets will remind you of that great purchase every day, year after year.


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