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January 09, 2016

Three Health Benefits of the Best Home Carpet Shampooer

This article discusses the three health benefits to cleaning your carpets.
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January 08, 2016

The Two Types of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Are you thinking of buying a carpet cleaning machine? Knowing which one to get is perhaps the best place for you to start.
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January 05, 2016

Choose the Best Carpet Cleaning Machines Based on your Floor Type

Choosing the right professional carpet cleaning machines for the right occasion is essential, but what is the difference?
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January 04, 2016

Carpet Cleaning Equipment for Flood Damage Restoration

Flood damage can be catastrophic, but you can definitely recover from it and get your carpet back using a portable steam cleaner.
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November 25, 2015

Auto Detailing

If you’re going to detail a car, you have to do it right, so make sure you use an industrial steam cleaner.
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August 07, 2015

The Most Popular and Powerful XTreme Power XPH-6400i

125837041_xl.As the world's premier provider of high qualtiy commercial, industrial and home carpet cleaning machines, it introduces the XTreme Power XPH-6400i. One of many powered carpet cleaners

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August 06, 2015

XPH TM 15230

125834554_xlIf you are in the market for a truck mount carpet cleaner, take a few minutes to read this article. In it, we explain the difference between CFM and lift, both of which are important,

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August 05, 2015

You Won’t Go Wrong with the Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Equipment: XPH TM 10230

The XTreme Power XPH TM 10230 is a mighty truck mounted carpet cleaning system that defeats dirt particles leaving a perfectly and professionally cleaned carpet.
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August 04, 2015

XPH TM 10120

125834548_xlThe XTreme Power XTH TM 1020 provides heated carpet cleaning power in the convenience of a truck-mounted machine. The extractor allows you to get professional results faster. With a

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August 03, 2015

XPH TM 10110

125834541_xlWhen it comes to the equipment you use in your carpet cleaning business, nothing beats the power and versatility of a truck mount carpet cleaning extractor. Our XPH TM 10110 model is

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