September 30, 2014

Chewing Gum Removal Equipment without Scrubbing or Chemical Applications

What's the most stubborn and frustrating deposit a commercial business must manage? We'll give you a hint: It's often found under movie seats and student desks. Of course, we already gave away the answer with the title of this article—and you're likely looking to remove it from surfaces such as floors and bathroom walls—but the point remains. And while an essay covering the fact that human carelessness is the primary cause of chewing gum deposits could fill the contents of another article, we're going to focus on what we do best: cleaning solutions.

A Full Line of Chewing Gum Removal Equipment from Daimer Industries

The list of home remedies for chewing gum removal makes for interesting reading: peanut butter, mayonnaise, lemon, ice, vinegar, egg whites, soft drinks, and WD-40 have all made a list somewhere. At Daimer Industries, we prefer two solutions—heat and power. We offer nine distinct models of chewing gum removal equipment, each with unique design features that are suited to specific needs.

The KleenJet Gum-Exterminator Mega 1000CVG is a steam vacuum cleaner that delivers up to 105 pounds per square inch of pressure and represents one of the most powerful steamer vac systems available with a single 110 volt power cord. It delivers temperatures of up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit and has advanced continuous refill to help you continue working seamlessly. Other specifications include a four liter stainless steel boiler and three liter water chamber; the unit comes with a lifetime warranty.

The KleenJet Gum-Exterminator Supreme 3000CVG is our second-most powerful model, with a five liter stainless steel boiler and four liter water chamber. Capable of reaching temperatures of 364 degrees Fahrenheit, it also features 115 pounds per square inch of pressure. The KleenJet Gum-Exterminator Ultra 5000 CVG is the most powerful 110 volt steam cleaning machine anywhere in the industry, with 125 pounds per square inch of pressure and temperatures of up to 369 degrees Fahrenheit. It also includes a five liter stainless steel boiler. For all three KleenJet Gum-Exterminator models, we also offer a version—the 1000 CVGP, 3000 CVGP, and 5000 CVGP—that features our patented ATIS anti-bacterial technology.

Three Super Max series units offer added options to our consumers. The Super Max 7000 is an industrial and commercial grade wet steam pressure washer that can remove chewing gum without brushes, scrubbing, or chemicals. It has pressure capacity of 1000 pounds per square inch, a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, and steam temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. It operates through electric power, making it an ideal choice for interior spaces. The Super Max 10880 is a gas-powered machine with an astonishing 3,500 pounds per square inch of pressure, 4 GPM, and temperatures of up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit. Its 14 horsepower engine can tackle the toughest outdoor challenges. Finally, we also manufacture the Super Max 10970, which has a diesel-powered engine and generates 2,500 pounds per square inch of pressure, along with temperatures of 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The flow rate is 4 GPM.

The Unique Benefits of Working with Daimer Industries

There are plenty of companies that tout the mantra of “customer first.” But how often do you believe those companies' claims? What practices do they employ to make sure they're living up to that motto? At Daimer Industries, our dedication to our customers begins with our research and development. As you've noticed by our extensive line of chewing gum removal equipment, we stock a number of different models. In fact, we have more than 700 models of cleaning equipment. We have developed and manufactured so many models because it is what our customers have asked for—tailored solutions for their unique situations. It's part of our steadfast belief that every alteration we make to a product should benefit only one person, our customer. We never change a product just to improve our bottom line, and we believe every company should allot its research and development budget similarly.

When it comes to the manufacturing process, we are also adamant in our use of only top-quality parts. Again, many companies spend their time looking to cut corners and slash quality while keeping costs constant. We think this is a poor business model, and it's why you'll find only the best parts in any of our equipment. We know that you don't just want a product that looks great when it arrives at your business; you want a product that continues to work just as well as the first day you purchased it year after year. That's why we offer things like lifetime guarantees on our boilers. It's our way of standing behind our work and giving you the peace of mind you want.

When it comes to choosing the right model for your business, we're here to help you with that, too. Our assessment and sales staff can help show you the different features of each so that you can decide which you prefer. Best of all, our sales staff does not receive a commission based on the model you choose, so you can trust that the advice you receive is honest advice about what will bring you the best value for your investment. It's one more example of how we've put into practice our belief that customers are our priority. We will never sell you a product unless we agree that it's the best choice for your business.


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