September 05, 2015

Epoxy floor cleaning Machines by Daimer

125836745_xlEpoxy floors are aesthetically appealing, due to the zing and seamless appearance they impart to the flooring. Epoxy flooring is highly recommended for use in industrial and commercial facilities, as it protects concrete surfaces, which can be easily spoiled by oil, grease, chemicals, and other types of industrial material. It is a porous material, and concrete absorbs spills, which can be tough to remove. Epoxy floors are enhanced and protected as well as durable. Cleaning epoxy floors is easy and usually done with superior epoxy floor cleaning machines.

The right way to clean epoxy floors

It is important to keep epoxy floors clean and maintained on a regular basis to ensure it’s durability and attractiveness. It is ideal to hire epoxy floor cleaning professionals but with the right epoxy floor equipment you can manage it yourself. Light stains can be removed with simple mopping, but in order to tackle stains caused by chemicals, oils and grease, you need epoxy floor steam cleaners or advanced machines designed for hard floor cleaning and maintenance.

Why should you use steam cleaners for Epoxy Floors?

Steam cleaning is the best way to clean, sanitize, and disinfect epoxy flooring, as steam cleaners use water vapour that constitutes of very less water content. Heated steam is enough to pull out the dirt and grime of the epoxy floors. Less water usage also lets the floor dry faster. But it is essential to use epoxy floor cleaners to get the desired results. The best epoxy steam cleaners in the market offer the following:

  • Guaranteed results
  • High Performance
  • Durability
  • Affordability

There are high-quality epoxy steam cleaners available with features that let operators use the machine in one long start to stop action without having to shut down for a refill or reheat of the system. This feature is useful for commercial cleaning of epoxy floors stretched over large areas. Daimer epoxy cleaning machines are ideal in that sense since they are top quality and come with tools and accessories. These machines are portable so when you have to clean tiles in a commercial facility or an industry.

Multiple applications of the Epoxy Floor Cleaners by Daimer

Daimer® epoxy floor steam cleaners and hard surface cleaning systems are the first choice of professionals, as they come packed with everything needed to clean epoxy floors and keep them looking fresh and new. These machines have multiple uses such as:

  • Agricultural and Farm Equipment Cleaning - Ideal for cleaning a variety of farm equipment; seeders, wheel tractors, sprayers, reapers, barns, compactors, trucks, plows, hay equipment, milk drawing equipment and grain drying. Farmers who are into the produce of dairy goods, cattle ranching, sheep rearing for wool, poultry farming, meat and leather need extensive care for animal hygiene which is why the Epoxy floor steam cleaners s are perfect to use for cleaning stains, dirt and more from animal living quarters. 
  • Airports Steam Cleaners – Due to wax build up in grout of older buildings or dirt and grime in bathrooms; airports need the right machines to deal with eliminating and cleaning them.
  • Brick Cleaning– Cleaning bricks is a difficult task which can easily be solved with epoxy floor steam cleaners. Bricks floors with dirt; grime and spray paint are some of the things that require thorough cleaning.
  • Bus Washing – The outside and inside of buses can have much cleaning required. From the dirt and grime to chewing gum removal is not something that any tool can easily remove. Be it outside or inside the bus industrial epoxy floor steam cleaners s can do the job. Similar jobs have been performed with Truck Washing, but the cleaning maybe more through since trucks have a different use.
  • Coils, Condensers Related Cleaning– Epoxy floor steam cleaners s can be adjusted to clean the toughest stains and spots in Coils and Condensers.
  • Construction Equipment Cleaning – Equipment can be damaged if not cared for properly and accidents can happen as well which is why proper cleaning of equipment and tools is necessary. Cleaning with the Epoxy floor steam cleaners will make sure not only the grime and dirt is removed but also that the grease will be eliminated.

Other Uses of Epoxy Floor Cleaners by Daimer

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