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Pressure Washers that Meet the Challenges of Metal Working Equipment Cleaning


Gas pressure washers are ideal for outdoor cleaning. They run on gasoline and pack a lot of power. They are useful if your cleaning space is spread over a larger area or you have difficulty locating an electric supply source to plug in an electrically operated pressure washer.

Industrial cleaning operations are different. The cleaning involves covering vast areas and tough cleaning situations. Most of the time there are time constraints because stopping work or production to clean can affect business productivity. Commercial pressure washers are popular among business owners because of their ability to deliver faster and advanced cleaning regardless of the challenges involved. Gas pressure washers offer excellent cleaning results along with portability.

Pressure washers such as the Super Max™ 6000 from Daimer® are preferred by businesses because they are among the best systems available. The advanced cleaning machine has a compact design which makes it mountable on wheel for a greater reach out. The wheeled design makes it easy to handle the machine and improves maneuverability.

The advanced gas pressure washer uses propane for heating water and can convert cold to hot water in just 30 seconds. The machine features an extremely useful tri-mode option, meaning it can be used as a hot water pressure washer, cold water pressure washer and also as a steam pressure washer. Steam temperature from the Super Max™ 6000 can reach as high as 330°F while the hot water temperature is around 180°F to 210°F. As a cold-water pressure washer it emits water at a pressure of 750 psi and can be directly connected to a hose line for continuous use and extended cleaning.

A hot water pressure washer is ideal for removing layers of grease from industrial flooring or industrial equipment. Pressure washers make use of hot water sprayed at high pressure to blast away dirt and debris. However, cleaning grease, oil stains, chemical spills and stains entails use of a powerful cleaning machine that can melt the grease stains and easily dislodge and wash away stubborn marks and deposits caused by chemicals and oils.

The Super Max™ 7000 from Daimer Industries® is an electrically operated cleaning machine that features temperature as high as 330°F and has water output of 1000 psi. The machine is perfect for heavy duty industrial cleaning because of its powerful action.

A steam pressure washer, despite its relatively lower water pressure output, can overcome tough cleaning because of its heated output. Gas pressure washers work particularly well in cleaning metal working equipment. The power washers are portable and easy to use. Modern steam pressure washing equipment from Daimer® is manufactured using high quality components that are durable and can help the machine deliver top performance consistently.

The Super Max™ series of pressure washer machines from Daimer® are known for their versatility and convenient operation. They are used to carry out a variety of cleaning operations from relatively simple sidewalk cleaning to the more complex industrial degreasing. The machines come with a guarantee and are designed to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

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