Industrial Conveyor Belt Cleaning Equiment - Non-Food/Beverage

Industrial Conveyor Belt Cleaning Equiment - Non-Food/Beverage
3 Industrial Conveyor Belt Cleaning Equiment - Non-Food/Beverage
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Industrial Conveyor Belt Cleaners for Cleaning Industrial Grade Conveyor Belts

Cleaning of conveyor belts has always challenged cleaning professionals, as it is a difficult and time-consuming task. Conventional cleaning techniques involve the use of manual methods and harsh chemicals and detergents, something that is completely detrimental to the safety of the materials transported. Thankfully, new and technologically-developed industrial conveyor belt cleaners are now available for ensuring quick and efficient cleaning of conveyor belts in various industrial facilities.

Regular cleaning of conveyor belts is imperative in industries, as these belts and its various stationary and moving parts can quickly accumulate dirt, dust, oil marks, debris, and grime. Using specific industrial cleaning machines for conveyor belts can help companies keep them in perfect state to deliver flawless performance consistently.

What to Look for in an Efficient Conveyor Belt Cleaner?

Choosing commercial conveyor belt cleaners must be done after extensive research, as there are various types of conveyor belt cleaning equipment available. Are the commercial cleaning machines for conveyor belts on your shortlist equipped with features that match the specific cleaning needs of your industry?

The ideal commercial conveyor belt cleaning system is one which minimizes manual effort of the cleaning process and enhances the result by cleaning all areas of the conveyor belt comprehensively. Cleaning of the conveyor belt is by no means an easy process, as operators have to focus on a host of areas, including rollers, pulley brushes, blades, chain parts, rubber components, elevator belts, belt weigher, and many other mechanical parts that contribute to the smooth movement and functioning of the conveyor belt.

What are the Experts Recommending?

Which is the best way to clean industrial-grade conveyor belts? According to experts, high pressure washers are ideal for use in non-food industries. There are various types of industrial conveyor belt pressure washers available. Which one is the best one for your needs?

Conveyor belt pressure washing machines with the right features can help you get the best results. The best conveyor belt cleaner is one which:

  • Has a reasonably high pressure level of around 1000 PSI that can clean without damaging the surface of the belt or other sensitive parts.
  • Offers low flow rate to ensure a less messy process while speeding up drying time.
  • Offers hot water and steam temperature to remove stubborn deposits, oil, and grease marks, and other tough to remove spills easily.
  • Comes with versatility for cleaning various parts of the conveyor belt with the same system.

Wet steam pressure washers are ideal conveyor belt washing equipment and preferred by professional conveyor belt cleaners because they clean better, faster, and are extremely efficient. They have the right pressure level and temperature level to clean industrial conveyor belts by removing dirt and dust effortlessly.

Daimer® offers the Super Max™ 7000, the most sought-after wet steam pressure washer that is ideal for use as industrial conveyor belt scrubbing machine, as it can clean all areas of industrial conveyor belts easily. With a low pressure level of 1000 PSI, flow rate of 2.5 GPM, and steam temperature of up to 330 °F, it can easily remove all types of dirt and dust from industrial conveyor belts. The machine can be used independently as hot water, cold water, or steam pressure washer to increase the scope of cleaning applications.

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