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Pressure Washers for Meeting Metal Degreasing Challenges


Industrial equipment degreasing is not easy. You need powerful pressure washers that can blast off the oily dirt and grease using water and steam. A gas pressure washer from Daimer®, such as the Super Max™ 6000, is ideal for heavy duty grease cleaning applications in industrial settings. This machine features pressure levels of 750 psi while the steam temperatures can reach as high as 330°F, making it one of the best cleaning machines available.

Gas pressure washers are ideal for outdoor cleaning applications when the cleaning has to cover a larger area. The machines are ultra powerful and the best among them can easily eject water at pressure levels of 3000 psi. You will not have to locate an electric supply source to operate these machines. Mobility is indeed one of the biggest advantages of Daimer® gas pressure washer machines. The high steam pressure from these hot water pressure washers ensures effective degreasing of metal surfaces and industrial equipment, considered the toughest of all industrial cleaning tasks.

An effective industrial pressure washer from a reputable supplier can help you deal with the most challenging cleaning tasks quickly and with less effort. The Super Max™ 7000 is among the most popular commercial pressure washers available. It offers tri-mode versatility and an increased flow rate for cleaning stubborn stains and greasy dirt from industrial equipment and floorings. These hot water pressure washers find application in commercial kitchens, hospitals, car washing and in industries where a heavy duty pressure washer is required to deal with the challenging task of maintaining instruments and surroundings.

Advanced pressure washers used for commercial cleaning come with various options and can be used to carry out a variety of cleaning jobs in diverse settings. As a cold water pressure washer, the machines can blast away dirt and debris from hard floorings and surfaces with high pressure output. Hot water pressure washers can effortlessly combine the cleaning power of heat with the high pressure output of water to ensure thorough cleaning even in the most demanding of situations.

Steam pressure washers, unlike other pressure washers, offer high temperature output and high pressure steam. Steam pressure washers are ideal for use in automobile detailing because they can easily remove bug spatter, grease, dirt, and dried mud from vehicles.

Car detailing industry professionals prefer a pressure washer that offers low pressure levels of around 1000 to 1500 psi. This is because pressure levels of 3000 to 4000 psi from commercial cleaning machines can damage the car's exterior and paint. Gas pressure washers with low pressure output are excellent for fleet maintenance when you need to cover a larger area or for exterior cleaning. Hot washer pressure washers with low flow rates and low pressure levels are the perfect cleaning machines for the car detailing industry.

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