Equipment Cleaning - Non-Food/Beverage Industry

Equipment Cleaning - Non-Food/Beverage Industry
3 Equipment Cleaning - Non-Food/Beverage Industry
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Pressure Washers for Non Food Industry Equipment Cleaning


If you are looking for gas pressure washers, there high a high chance you want them for cleaning commercial areas. Gas pressure washers, unlike electric pressure washers, are used mostly outdoors. These high pressure washers emit fumes and noise, making it difficult for indoor use. Most gas pressure washers are used in areas where electricity supply is not assured.

Such high pressure washers are used for commercial cleaning and degreasing operations. These commercial pressure washers, without the restraint of a power cord, can be transported long distances on a trailer. However, when a commercial operator wishes to use a pressure cleaner indoors, they are faced with two options: to operate a gas powered system by placing it outdoors and utilizing long pressure hoses or to select an electric powered system.

Daimer®, the industry's preferred provider of quality cleaning machines, offers a range of electric and gasoline-run, commercial pressure washers, which are used by contractors and public works agencies to maintain cleanliness of equipment inside and outside of commercial and public locations.

Hot Water - Advantages

Hot water pressure washers have many advantages. These pressure washers dissolve grease and other compounds more easily than cold water. Due to the ease of grease removal, the requirement of detergents in the cleaning process is also reduced when you use hot water pressure washers. Taking the cleaning power a step further is wet steam output. With temperatures up to 330 degrees Fahrenheit, such pressure washers enable quick dissolving of the heaviest grease buildup.

When you buy a pressure washer, look into the temperature levels it can achieve. A pressure washer becomes more effective when it is able to generate high temperatures. The higher the temperature level, the easier it is to dissolve grease, sugars, and other compounds found in commercial areas such as restaurants, car washes, boats, gas stations, shipyards, and airplane hangars.

The ease of removing grease when using hot water can be attributed to the way heat impacts the grease molecules. Heat breaks down the bonds holding fat molecules together. Once the bonds are broken, it becomes easier to wash away grease. No wonder hot water is far more effective than cold water when it comes to degreasing.

Selective Indoor Cleaning

If you are often asked to work in outdoor areas with no electricity supply, most people choose to use gas or propane pressure washers. But this does not mean that you cannot use these machines for cleaning indoor areas, particularly when the requirement is to tackle heavy grease buildup on industrial equipment indoors. With Daimer®'s Long Hose Technology, you can clean indoor spaces while the system is parked outside, preventing fumes from building up inside the room.

Pressure washers should also have appropriate pressure levels. If you plan to clean cars and trucks, use a pressure washer with pressure levels of 1500 psi or less. For cleaning concrete, stone, and tile, you may use pressure washers with pressure levels as high as 4000 psi. The Super Max™ 12885 has pressure levels of 3500 psi, and is among the most powerful pressure washing equipment in the Daimer® inventory.

This machine has a 50-foot long hose, with the available option to add additional hose lengths. This makes it easier to clean indoor areas with the gasoline-run engine housing parked outside.

In addition to electric and gasoline-powered machines, Daimer® also offers diesel- and propane-run pressure washing systems. Before deciding on one, consider the factors such as fuel efficiency, cost, and availability. Daimer® also offers highly specialized pressure washers, including those run on jet fuel for use in aviation maintenance applications.

To find the right system for your specific needs, consult a Daimer® product specialist.

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