May 24, 2016

Fighting the Goo - Four Substances that Call for Commercial Floor Steam Cleaners

Carpets can and will usually gather dust and debris deep in their fibers where a vacuum cleaner can’t reach. This can cause the carpet to become discolored, smell, and even ruin the air quality of your home. Substances that get into your carpet can seem impossible to get out too. They can soak deep into the fibers where it seems it will remain forever.

You shouldn’t let substances like this get the better of you. When you use the best commercial carpet cleaner Daimer Industries has to offer, you’ll be able to lift out these substances. Here are four substances you can fight back with a steam cleaner.

  1. Pet Accidents

We all lover our pets, who doesn’t? Pets like cats and dogs are a joy to have in a home because they provide companionship and are part of the family. The downside to having pets is the messes they make. Pets have been well known for having ‘accidents’ now and again right on the carpet. This can be due to any number of reasons to a medical condition or even an unclean litter box. Once a pet has decided to go to the bathroom on the carpet, it can seem nearly impossible to lift the stain out.

The best commercial carpet cleaner is great for lifting out those pet stains. Not only does the stain come out, but the smell will usually go away too. The carpet fibers are left completely cleansed and the pet accident is nowhere to be seen.

  1. Dust

Dust is another big contender when it comes to what gets stuck in the carpet. Dust can accumulate everywhere it seems, especially in the carpet. Vacuuming only serves to kick the dust up into the air and ruin the air quality of the home. Using a steam cleaner to get the dust accumulating in the carpet is usually the best way to go. The steam breaks down the dust on a molecular level and lifts it to the surface. The dust is then sucked up by the cleaner and leaves the carpet fibers completely cleansed afterwards.

This regular cleaning can help to cut down on the dust accumulating in the carpet. While preventative measures like vacuuming can cut down on it, you still want that deep clean once in a while.

Commercial Carpet Cleaner

  1. Drink Stains

People are bound to spill their drinks at once at some point. This can cause a big problem when you’re standing over the carpet. Drinks like wine, soda, and even coffee can stain the carpet. Even when you soak up the spilled liquid with a towel right away, it still leaves behind a nasty stain that’s hard to clean up. Commercial carpet cleaners do a great job of helping to lift out these stains and to eliminate them.

Drink stains that are left to sit can end up staying in the carpet for a long time. Cleaning them out as soon as possible is imperative. Stain remover should be applied prior to a steam cleaning in order to get the maximum effect. This will help to remove the stain completely and not to leave behind any residue after you have deep cleaned the carpet.

  1. Mold & Mildew

While the amount of mold and mildew can vary on how much a steam cleaner can remove, it can still help out a lot. Mold and mildew tend to grow where there is excess moisture in the area. When it’s small enough, steam cleaning the area can help to remove it completely. The hot steam will help to kill off any spores that may escape.

The only downside to this is ventilation. You do have to make sure the problem where the excess moisture is taken care of in order for the steam cleaning machine to do its job. Opening windows and even using fans will help to dry out the area. Good ventilation is the key to preventing mold and mildew from growing in the carpet and on other surfaces.

Here at Daimer Industries, we understand how hard it can be to maintain your carpet. Carpets won’t last forever since they do wear out over time. Steam cleaning can help your old carpet look like new again. Not only does steam cleaning lift out all the dust and debris trapped within the fibers, but it completely cleanses the carpet. Steam cleaning is considered a good form of maintenance that can help extend the life cycle of your carpet.


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