April 28, 2015

Things To Know Before Buying Gum Removal Equipment

Gun Removal MachineHaving all that gum underneath a table or near a table can cause a lot of distractions and make a lasting impression on the furniture and just about anything that the gum will touch after its been in a person's mouth. After it's been in their mouth and the gum loses taste they often throw it away without any concern and it often lands in a place that will have to be cleaned. Different textures like concrete, pavement, wood, painted areas and tiles are all places that have to be treated differently for each piece of gum.  Gum removal machines provide an alternative and an approach to eliminate that gum. Each piece of equipment has their own specific information that makes it operate, but there are some differences in the technology that a buyer will want to know.

Getting Rid of The Chewing Gum

Often times there are a few steps involved in getting rid of the chewing gum and the process can be made into a few components in order to get the best possible result from some of the best gum removal machines and technique for sale today.

Pre-spray The Surface Before applying the gum removal machine

Spraying the surface of the stick-age with chemicals and detergent will, often times, depending on the age of the gum soften it and make it simpler to release. There are hand's on sprayers that are available in order for the person to do a walk through before actually adding anything else.  This sometimes comes in kit form in some of the best gum removal equipment and it will be specified by the product description. This type of gum removal is considered to be portable gum removal equipment as it can be mobilized in different areas with handles that can reach tough to reach places.

What are The Different Types Of Gum Removal Machine Technology

Pressurized Gum Removal Equipment

・      Hot & Cold Pressure Washer

・      Wet Steam Cleaning Removal

・      Vapor Steam Cleaning

The hot and cold pressure washer is a pressurized washing system that can adjust the temperature of the water while maintaining a pressure system to evoke and push the gum off its surface without damaging the surface.  This can be seen in the model called SUPER MAX 7000 and its industrial grade powerful wet stream technology that applies to this pressurized system.  The pressure level will reach 1000 PSI  with a floor rate of 2.5 and a steam temperature of 330 degrees F.  These are often powered by electricity through a battery that can range from 110V-120V  at around 60Hz.

These gum removal machines are often applied in exterior locations.

Steam Cleaning Removal is a system that utilizes a gas powered and oil fired technology and that offer an industrial grade steam pressured chewing gum removal equipment. This equipment is often applied on tougher areas indoors or outdoors as the steam will work wonders and eliminate the gum. The SUPER MAX 10880 which harnesses this technology offers a 3500PSI and a flow rate of 4 GPM and reaches temperatures as high as 330 degrees F which is more than enough to eliminate the gum without leaving a stain. The motor is gas powered and runs at 14 horsepower for simple and swift mobility in different areas.  With these devices, there is a chemical injection applied to the stream in order to enhance its cleanliness and to provide even more power to eliminate the mess.

This technology utilizes the power and pressure along with a little bit of alchemy to alter the chemical makeup of the chewing gum and allow it to peel off the surface without leaving any remaining remarks or damages on the surface.

Vapor steam cleaners are a highly advanced piece of chewing gum removal machine technology that is applied in commercial grades. The KLEENJET MEGA 1000CVG which is an example of the highest grade and most popular design being purchased on the market today that utilizes this technology. The system itself has a steam line and a vacuum along with an injection system and a mobile fan to incorporate all of the ingredients. This vapor line is designed to overheat and attack the gum while removing the stains and leaving no residue. This all happens in a matter of seconds and this technology is the worlds leading technology for gum removal equipment.

All Chewing Gum Removal Machines utilize Antibacterial Technology

The technology is designed to eliminate and get rid of all the tough mess while leaving nearly no bacterial infections behind. Due to the gum constantly being chewed in peoples mouths and slobbered all across the platforms and spread on a desk or a device that is in a public place. These gum removal machines provide an excellent time saving alternative that will increase the productivity of people working and be appreciated by the janitor. Not only with the place look and be cleaner but the surface stains that would usually remain are no longer making there appearance.

The Vapor technology of the steam cleaning gum removal machine is a machine that will literally pressurize the gum until it is forced to be released and then replace it with a clean pressurized system that has been steam cleaned and restored as if it didn't happen. Among the many gum removal machines for sale the KLEENJET MEGA 1000CVG  has been voted the top seller since it was first made.


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