April 02, 2015

Purchase The Best Professional Steam Cleaners From Daimer’s

Steam CleanersSo it happened: a giant wine stain has appeared on your floor (no idea how it got there- right?) and now you are left with the task of cleaning it up. Proactiveness is key: as soon as you realize that there is a stain on your floor, you should begin cleaning it. When many people try to tackle heavy stains, such as wine or blood, they may first try to scrub it with a cleaning solution and a cloth. However, this is not the way to go about it. Stains such as this should not be scrubbed to try and be removed: they should be dabbed at until the stain has disappeared.

Still, even if the stain is dabbed at, there are still many issues at hand that might make the stain cleaning even more complicated than you may originally think. First of all, even if the stain appears to be gone, it might not be completely gone. You may even notice that after a few weeks, the stain reappears, something even more aggressive than it originally appeared. This is called “wicking” and it happens when, while cleaning, the cleaner manages to remove the stain from the top of the carpet fibers, but, in doing so, pushes the stain deeper.

Throughout the next few weeks, as people step on the stain, it pushes itself up to the surface again. Inevitably, you are left with the same problem that you started with, again. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening by using a steam cleaner. We at Daimer’s are happy to supply you with excellent, top name brands of steam cleaners that are sure to fit your needs in this area. All of our steam cleaning machines are capable of getting the toughest dirt and grime out of carpets and are fully capable of cleaning your carpets to brand new status again.

How Daimer’s steam cleaning machine works to get rid of stains

If you have ever gotten your carpets cleaning professionally, you have probably seen commercial steam cleaners in action. What looks like a wet mop going across your floor is actually a commercial steam cleaner capable of amazing things. Initially, a solvent/cleaning solution will be sprayed across your floors to activate the cleaning power of the vapor steam cleaner. Then, the rug steam cleaner will be used to pull up any stains or dirt that may have been on the carpet to begin with. You will find that after just one use with your portable steam cleaner, your carpets will appear better than they have in years.

There are so many benefits to having your own personal industrial steam cleaner. First of all, in the essence of time, you are saving your carpets the added time it would take to get a carpet cleaner to come to your house, start up their steam cleaning equipment and clean your carpet. Also, another huge benefit is that you are saving yourself a massive amount of money. Having a industrial steam cleaners company come out to your home in anything but cheap.

Just having a few rooms done could cost you upwards of $200, which is a lot of money that you could be using somewhere else. Having your own professional steam cleaner in your own home saves you the hassle of having to fork out the big bucks for a lot of nothing. Many times, carpet cleaning companies will come in with large, non- portable steam cleaners that are bulky and leak. Many times, the rug steam cleaners will rub against the furniture and chip parts that are touching the ground. Many carpet cleaners do not know the correct methods of moving furniture and leaving it off of the carpet after cleaning, which produces additional stains from the furniture.

The safer route is to use personal vapor steam cleaners instead of depending on over-priced carpet cleaners to get the job done for you. Another great benefit of purchasing one of our cleaners is being able to use it in your car. Many people do not realize the impact that a car steam cleaner can have on how clean their carpets can get. However, the use of car steam cleaners to clean your car upholstery and floorboards makes an amazing difference in how clean you can get your car. Simply apply the solvent soap before cleaning your car with the most reliable steam cleaner on the market and then use the steam cleaner to get up any dirt or grime that may be filling your car. You will be surprised at how clean you can actually get your car.

After just one use, your car upholstery will look and smell brand new. Your car and your home is a huge investment, investments that should be taken care of as well as possible. Making sure your carpets are clean and stain-free is just one way you should be taking care of your vehicle and home. When guests come into your home, they should be shocked at how well taken-care of and nice your carpets are. Give them a reason to be jealous of your spotless, white carpet.

Even if you have kids or pets, that should not stop you from having a spotless carpet. Stains are inevitable, but a stained carpet does not have to be. We at Daimer’s are excited to offer you the chance to have a spotless carpet and car with our great products. Try them out and see for yourself. 


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