January 01, 2015

Should You Buy a Professional Steam Cleaner?

Steam CleanersOne of the easiest ways to get a home, office or commercial building clean is with a professional steam cleaner. These cleaners use a canister based steam cleaning system to get tough stains, dirt and other residue out of your carpets. Investing in a commercial grade system allows you to get a deeper clean and get equipment that is built for heavy use. This helps you to ensure that your home or workspace is always looking its best.

If you are trying to decide if a steam cleaner is right for you, you should first consider the key benefits of using professional technology. Professional or heavy duty cleaners are designed to work well in high traffic areas, which is typically why they are recommended for hotels or large retail spaces. Many of the steamers for sale online also have additional features that allow business owners to clean a wider variety of spaces.

Even if you only have a small space, you can benefit from the durability of an industrial-grade steam cleaner. The steam cleaners sold on Daimer.com, for example, all are made from durable metals that were chosen for their abilities to withstand the tests of time. Even the other products the shop carries, such as pressure washers, have this trait. This means that you will have a product that will last you for years.

Do I Need a Multi-Functional Steam Cleaning System?

When choosing your steam cleaning equipment, it is important to remember that there are many different kinds of cleaning systems available. When most people think of a steam cleaner, they think of a large device that works on carpets and other fabrics. This is only one type of machine, and typically isn’t the investment that people want to make. Multi-functional systems are usually the better investment because they offer more flexibility than their single-function counterparts.

The Kleenjet Ultra, for example, is a multi-functional cleanings system that makes an impressive clean. Adjustable pressures help you clean a wider range of areas without risking damage. In fact, the unit can reach a high level of 89 PSI if it is needed. By using refill technology, the machine actually helps to increase productivity and efficiency.

Try looking for machines that offer adjustable pressure levels and temperatures. This will help you yield the best results and perform a much greater variety of cleaning tasks.

The Difference Between a Steam Cleaner and a Pressure Washer

Believe it or not a steam cleaner is a lot different than a typical pressure washer. In fact, most businesses invest in both devices to keep their establishment as clean as possible at all times. The biggest differences lie in how the machines are used. A steam cleaner is usually used on heavy traffic floors. A pressure washer is used on the exterior of a building or the walls to clean dirt and grime.

Both machines rely on high pressures and temperatures of water in order to get an area clean. The water is simply used in different ways. A pressure washer sprays the water or steam at the area you want to clean. A long hose allows you to clean fine details without any issues. A steam cleaner, on the other hand, typically resembles a vacuum cleaner, but is much larger. The steam cleaning system will often operate in the same manner and have multiple attachments available to help you clean the area as precisely as you can.

The reason most people and businesses need to invest in both is because the devices are so different. You may find yourself using the steam cleaner more; however, the walls of your home or office still need to be clean. No one wants to see mildew or mold growing on their building!

Other Uses for a Carpet Cleaner

If you are considering investing in a carpet cleaner system, you should consider the other areas the device can help you with. Many people fail to realize that the devices can help with other tasks, such as auto detailing. If you aren’t sure how you will use your cleaning system after it arrives, visit our website for ideas. We will be happy to offer you new and creative ideas that help you get your commercial building sparkling clean.

Where to Buy Your New Carpet Cleaner

Once you have decided which machines will work best for your workspace, visit the DaiMer website to learn more about what is available on the market. The website allows you to discover more information on the products and purchase them online. This helps you save time and money in the long run.

DaiMer is often recommended over competitors because they offer a wider range of financing options. We strive to make our products affordable to everyone and even offer a lease-to-own program. This helps you get the cleaning products you need as quickly as possible. In addition, you will continue to save money as all of our cleaning equipment requires low maintenance. Read more about the DaiMer difference today.

If you are ready to get a lasting clean in your home or commercial building, contact us today. One of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. At DaiMer, we do our best to make buying a carpet cleaner easy. Click here to learn more about the products and services we offer and how they can benefit you.


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