April 29, 2016

Do You Feel Sick in Your Own Home? It Might Be Time for a Steam Cleaner Vacuum

Your home is a safe haven for you and your family, where you are able to control the level of cleanliness to a higher degree than anywhere else. However, without the proper tools it is possible that germs, dust, bacteria and diseases can build up over time to make you constantly sick. You may be feeling sick more often than normal, and realize that you need a deeper cleaning solution for all of the effort you are putting into cleaning the house. Daimer Industries believes that you should feel comfortable in your own home, without having to worry about getting sick all of the time. They have specially formatted their Kleenjet line with temperatures up to 369 degrees to kill the bacteria that is hindering your daily activities.

Daimer Industries provides the solution that will turn your regular cleaning regimen into a complete sanitization regimen. Their Kleenjet lines is the best vacuum and steam cleaner combo for your home, combining both functions into a powerful cleaning system; there are many options on the market for this type of cleaner, but Daimer Industries has the market cornered with their experience and extensive commercial client list. Learn more about their background, contributions to the cleaning industry, and how their products can turn your home into a safer place today.

Daimer Industries is the Leading Steam and Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer

Vacuum Steam CleanerDaimer Industries has a long history in the cleaning business, and is backed by product specialists with over 100 years of collective knowledge about cleaning technology. This collective experien ce speaks volumes about each product line offered and the future of the company. Not only are the products the highest quality and more durable than what you will find in chain stores, they are also built and manufactured in the United States. Their client list does not stop within the borders of the United States, but extends to international companies as well. It is extremely important for Daimer Industries to positively represent United States companies when they ship to their clients in over 240 countries across the globe. This level of success shows that American made products are built to last when they belong to a company with pride in their business.

What Daimer Industries does to remain competitive is to provide features, such as their Automatic Shutoff Technology, Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization, and Low Flow Technology, that other companies do not. This is why why are the leading company in cleaning technology, constantly working to create more effective and efficient products. The second thing that they do is provide the type of customer support that brings companies and consumers back to them. This customer service is backed by a call center 80 agents on standby to answer questions 24/7. The ability to resolve consumer challenges as quickly as they arise shows their commitment to providing the best cleaning experience possible.

How to Effectively Clean Your Home

Choosing a product from Daimer Industries means you will have an industrial grade system built for commercial work in your hand to sanitize your home. In order to keep from getting sick, a vacuum and steam cleaner combo creates a two step process for reaching all types of microscopic things that often make homeowners ill. Unfortunately, the floor is a surface that is constantly being stepped on and exposed to foreign elements from outside, putting you at a higher risk of getting sick.

To start off, the vacuum picks up the largest pieces of food, dirt, and debris that have been tracked and are festering on carpets or hardwood floors. These large pieces attract different types of bacteria, and can often be accidentally consumed by children or animals. Once the larger pieces have been eliminated, a steam cleaner is what sanitizes the area to actually kill the germs. Using Daimer Industries’ Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization, some of the most prominent types of bacteria such as MRSA Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections), Escherichia coli (E. coli), Salmonella cholerasuis, Listeria monocytogene, and Aspergillus niger (mold) are able to be killed with 99.9% elimination.

Decreasing Your Sick Days For Good

Being sick means more days off of work, less time to relax, and frequent trips to the doctor for anything ranging from the common cold to deadly E. Coli scares. By consistently using this two step cleaning process, bacteria will have less and less opportunities to thrive over long periods of time. You will no longer have to experience getting sick in your own home, despite putting in the effort to clean. A vacuum steam cleaner can truly change your quality of life and give you healthier days to come.


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