September 02, 2014

Daimer Industries Is Your Source for the Steam Cleaner You Need

How many companies do you know that have the White House on their list of customers? Daimer Industries does. We're the world's leading brand for steam cleaners and so many other products critical to maintaining your commercial or office space. Our steam cleaners alone are represented in more than 200 countries and territories. Within the United States, we serve the needs of some of the nation's largest and most respected chains and franchises. These include household names such as American Airlines, 3M Corporation, LG Electronics, McDonald's, Pepsi Beverage Co., and Walt Disney. Those are just a few of the hundreds of companies—including many Fortune 500 businesses—that rely on our steam cleaners.

Read More about the Core Principles of Daimer Industries

For many companies, their company philosophy is a list of platitudes or aspirations. At Daimer Industries, our philosophy is what has guided us to become a world leader in steam cleaners, among many other cleaning solutions. What's more, our philosophy has remained consistent throughout our years and during our continued path toward growing success. This has included concepts such as a refusal to ever sacrifice quality for price, and to use the best component parts available in the industry. This guarantees reliability and longevity for the investment your make in your steam cleaners and other major cleaning implements.

We're also straight-forward about how we operate as a company. We accept lower profit margins. This means you get the maximum value for your investment because we are able to maintain low prices that beat out our competition (to say nothing of our superior quality). Low profit margins have allowed us to become successful through our volume of sales, so you can be sure that, as a result of that high volume, every product we make has been thoroughly tested and approved by our thousands of satisfied customers.

And we know that, as a business person, you're looking for more than just a product. You're looking for a relationship that gives you confidence before your purchase as well as after the sale is finished. Our expert staff gives you clear and accurate advice regarding how our products meet your needs, and even after the sale is complete, we remain here for you, helping you with any post-sales support or service you may need to get the most out of your new steam cleaner. Overall, our staff is able to provide potential customers and existing customers with more than eighty years of experience in the industry.

The Technologies that Set Daimer Steam Cleaners Apart

A history and great people are one part of the equation, but they don't constitute the whole experience with Daimer Industries. Our success has allowed us to push the boundaries of technology, and our customers reap the benefits. Every alteration we make to our products is designed with you in mind—all changes are to benefit the end user, not our bottom line. While this starts with the highest quality products, regardless of their technological state, it includes so much more.

Our Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology is available on many of our KleenJet steam cleaners and is an exclusive offering from Daimer Industries. Patent pending, it is proven to be a national leader in elimination of bacteria, achieving a rate of 99.99 percent for removal of bacteria. This even includes MRSA Staphylococcus, a leading cause of dangerous hospital infections produced by drug-resistant bacteria. Other common and deadly bacteria tackled by our advanced steam cleaning system includes E. coli, salmonella, and a full range of mold, viruses, and fungi. Each of our machines includes an EPA number on the label.

The cleaning power of our systems is supplemented by features that help maintain your machines and your cleaning environment. Our Automatic Shutoff Technology (AST), available on Super Max electric pressure washers, can greatly limit the long-term wear and tear on your system. Further, our Low Flow Technology (LFT), part of our XTreme Power carpet cleaning systems, means that your carpets are cleaned with the least amount of water necessary to get the job done right. Often, carpets are dry within a couple of hours, reducing the risk of mold or mildew growth in your carpets.

Get Started Today with Daimer Industries

We're proud of each of the hundreds of products we offer. A U.S. company, we're also proud of our ability to serve local needs and those of customers around the world. There's a reason why a company becomes immensely popular throughout the world, from hospitals to universities to the nation's highest office—it's because we offer a product that tops all of our competitors. We also keep innovating to make sure that every Daimer Industries product you purchase represents the best value and quality in the consumer marketplace. All of these technical features are supported by an expert staff that takes pride in an ability to serve our customers, wherever they're located.

We know you have many choices for cleaning equipment, especially given the sprawling reach of the Internet, but we're confident no one offers the same mix of experience and forward-thinking we have at our offices and manufacturing centers. Get started on your next great investment today, and you'll enjoy a cleaner tomorrow. Get started with Daimer Industries.


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