January 05, 2015

Take it up a Notch with a Steam Vacuum Cleaner

No matter what kind of business you happen to find yourself in, you will probably need to use a vacuum steam cleaner combo to clean up some of the messes that tend to appear. While it might be more cost effective at first to simply vacuum and scrub, there are some things that you simply cannot get rid of the hard way. Yes, we are saying that a steam cleaner vacuum is the easy way, and with good reason. First of all, steam is a sanitary method of cleaning. While it can be couple with various chemicals, none of them are terribly toxic, and some of the best vacuum steam cleaner combo products rely almost solely upon the power of steam. So, what is it exactly that makes steam such a good choice? Why pick it over anything else? There are a few good reasons, actually. First of all, steam is capable of using heat to loosen dirt, dust, and grime from the carpet that it has managed to adhere itself to. Once it has done so, the vacuum portion of the steam cleaner will be able to draw the dust and dirt from the fibers, giving you a much cleaner floor than you started with. The general idea of using a steam and vacuum cleaner combo is to return your carpet to its original state, ultimately eliminating the need to replace it soon. Will this last forever? No, but regular steam cleaning with proper flow control can extend the life of your carpet by several years

Finding a good Steam Vacuum Cleaner

Your search for a good, high quality and highly functional vacuum steam cleaner starts quite simply at Daimer, but you will want to take certain things into account before you simply rush out and purchase the very first steam cleaner you happen to find. First of all, what is the boiler capacity? Why does it matter exactly? In theory, a greater boiler capacity will equal a greater operating time, though this needs to be offset by the heat up. Basically, the right boiler will shorten the time it takes for the steam cleaner vacuum to start, making your job a bit simpler. The typical heat up time will sit somewhere between one minute to thirty seconds.

Tools for the Job

Good steam vacuum cleaners will obvious utilize the best tools and attachments, and you will want to make sure yours has a plethora of them. Some of the most popular include the window/tile cleaner along with the floor cleaner and even an attachment for cleaning upholstery. You may also have a garment cleaner, though one would not find much use for that in an industrial setting. More accessories mean more versatility, but as always, make sure you need what you are getting, otherwise you will simply have clutter. Additionally, try to look for a unit that features decent storage. Sometimes a steam vacuum cleaner for carpet will come with a bag for accessories, but this can be very unnecessary, and make the entire package seem a bit bulkier than it should be. That said, you might want to look for a vacuum/steam cleaner combo that has built-in storage. These days many of the storage options are modular, ensuring you can take your attachments anywhere by simply lifting the entire unit, which brings us to the mobility portion of this article.

Mobility is essential, there is no way around it. In any environment, industrial especially, you need to be able to heft the item about, and you need to be able to take it with you. A unit that is too heave will cause fatigue and will be overall unpleasant to use. That being said, you need to choose your unit wisely. It is strongly recommended that you avoid handheld units, especially if you need to move constantly. 

Steam cleaning is an extremely efficient and effective method of ridding your building of dirt, dust, and grime that would have otherwise caused what could be considered permanent aesthetic damage. This might sound a bit dramatic, but when you consider all of the industrial traffic that will be moving through your facility, you will want to make sure you are up for the task of constant and thorough cleaning.

Fortunately each of the available steam cleaners on the market will feature a comprehensive list of features, which will help to ensure you get precisely what you need, when you need it. Some have a greater tank capacity which will help you to continue cleaning for longer than ever before. These and many other great options will become a staple of your steam cleaning choices both now and in the future.

Quite frankly the floor is not going to clean itself; you need to get out there and find a steam cleaner that will make a different in your building no matter what type of business you run. The sooner you obtain one the cleaner your life will be overall. The price can be high, but you will find that owning one of these devices actually manages to pay for itself in short order. Steam has never been quite so important. 


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