November 10, 2014

The Best Industrial Steam Cleaners

Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner from Daimer

The best industrial steam cleaners are powerful machines used for their many advantages over other steam cleaners. The machines are a heavy duty steam cleaner with a higher level of pressure that is extremely useful for eliminating tough grease and oil deposits that you can encounter in industrial departments. Our machines are known to deliver outstanding performance. They offer many industry-specific features.

The use of these machines for cleaning applications has been becoming very popular and is on the rise. Because these machines have the capability for high pressures and high temperatures, they can deal with the most heavy duty cleaning jobs.

Not only do we offer low pressure steam cleaning machines, but we can also offer pressures up to 3500 PSI and temperatures of up to 330 degrees F. Our industrial cleaners don’t just clean more efficiently, but they make the process a lot quicker as well. The heated wet steam blasts away some of the toughest build-up of dirt from hard surfaces.

Not only are our machines able to clean heavy duty, but they are also eco-friendly. They don’t use a lot of water and there is no waste water run-off. This is great for areas with water shortages and poor run-off facilities.

When it comes to industrial cleaning and maintenance, our machines are the first choice for many reasons. When individuals and business have invested in out machines, they are met with something that is sophisticated, has the latest cleaning technology, and is user-friendly. It also gives customers the best value for their money because not only are they affordable, but they are durable as well.

Super Max 12500 DE Commercial Pressure Washer

Advantages for Using Industrial Steam Cleaners

We offer a machine called the Super Max 12300, which is a great example for one of the best industrial steam cleaners. It features tri-mode technology and delivers pressure levels up to 3000 PSI with a flow rate of 5gpm. This machine is designed to tackle the most difficult cleaning tasks in the industry with ease.

This machine also offers excellent portability and versatility. It can be a trailer mounted machine to cover large areas in any commercial or industrial cleaning job. The machine can be used continuously and comes with a 3 foot trigger wand that has a quick disconnect feature. Customizable pressure hose options are also available to meet specialized needs.

Machines and models by us are among the most highly sought-after cleaning machines by professional cleaners. This is especially true when it comes to industrial cleaning. Our machines are known for their lifetime boiler warranties and high-quality components.

When you run into industrial applications such as degreasing or heavy grime and oil removal, you are going to need a high degree of power. In a lot of cases, low pressures and dry vapor content, just isn’t enough to get rid of heavy grease, oil, dirt, and other buildups in industrial environments. For these situations, an industrial pressure washer is best.

Our Super Max machines boast high wet steam temperatures up to 330 degrees F to rapidly dissolve the most stubborn deposits. Wet steam offers much more power than dry especially when it can reach up to levels of 3500 PSI for maximum force.

These machines can be offered in a tri-mode configuration. The machine will then be able to put out cold water, hot water, or wet steam. The versatility of this feature allows the user to select the perfect temperature for the project at hand whether it is degreasing, concrete cleaning, gum removal, grime removal, graffiti removal, and factory floor cleaning along with many other challenges.

Super Max machines work differently than dry steam cleaners. They are driven by an electric motor or fuel engine and a pump produces wet steam and other types of output at very high pressure levels to get the job you need done.

All of the following machines are commercial and industrial grade:


Machine that meets the requirements of cleaning applications that need the power of heat. It is electric powered and propane heated, and also uses less water for a quicker clean.


Pressure cleaning equipment that offers additional advantage of mobility. It is powered by electricity and heated by propane.


Powerful machine that uses propane for heating and electricity for power.


Propane powered machine that meets the challenges of tough indoor and outdoor cleaning applications.


A superior quality, gas powered steam system. It is a propane heated machine that offers more autonomy than most other brands and can be trailer mounted like most of the other models.


Eco-friendly, propane heated and powered steam washer.

When you hear the name Daimer, you can be assured that you’re going to get some of the best rated machines for industrial applications. We can help you with any questions and decisions. If you do not know which machine is the right one for you, product specialist will be able to help you out. Steam cleaning is safe, quick and affordable especially when the machine you are using is durable and has a lifetime boiler warranty. If anything ever goes wrong with your boilers, be sure to contact us. Daimer will serve you with high quality industrial machines.


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