March 29, 2016

The Best Steam Vacuum Cleaner for the Aerospace Industry

Vacuum Steam CleanersThe aerospace industry is a large and important entity responsible for manufacturing air and space craft, researching and maintaining the machines and programs for all types of air and space travel. There are special cleaning requirements for this industry, with only certain types of cleaning methods allowed, mainly for the safety of crew and passengers on board. For this reason, the best way to clean air or space craft is with a steam cleaner vacuum combo. In this article, we will discuss how cleaning correctly in an airplane is such a huge concern, and then we will talk about the best steam cleaner vacuum for the job.

Why a Vacuum and Steam Cleaner Combo works best for Aerospace Cleaning Applications

You wouldn’t think safety should be a concern when it comes to the everyday cleaning and maintenance of the inside of an aircraft. Wiping down hard surfaces, cleaning up stains from seats and vacuuming the carpeted aisles should be sufficient between flights to keep any aircraft looking great, right?


On the ground, cleaning with simple cleansers is no different than cleaning in your own home. At thousands of feet in the air however, these cleaning chemicals can release fumes that are highly toxic to passengers and crew, and in the small, enclosed space of an airplane, this can spell trouble. In the past when this has happened, both passengers and crew have experienced problems breathing, and have broken out in painful skin rashes.

These days, cleaning chemicals are no longer permitted for cleaning inside aircraft. This is where a vacuum steam cleaner comes in handy. High temperature steam, combined with the suction power of a vacuum is a powerful combination for sanitizing, disinfecting and effectively cleaning almost every surface inside an airplane.

Aerospace Applications easily tackled by a Steam Cleaner with Vacuum

You can use a steam cleaner with vacuum to clean almost anything inside an aircraft. The following list is not all-inclusive, but it gives you an idea of what you can do.

  • Stain removal on upholstered seating
  • Stain removal on carpeted aisles and under seating
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces and countertops throughout the plane. Eliminates the need for chemical cleaners.
  • Lavatory cleaning. Toilets, countertops, floors and walls are all cleanable using a steam cleaner vacuum.

Daimer Industries offers the Best Steam Vacuum Cleaners on the Market

Because cleaning properly in the aerospace industry is so important, Daimer Industries offers only the best steam vacuum cleaners on the market today. It is our duty to provide you with the equipment to do the job right to ensure the safety of your crew and passengers. We carry eight such steam and vacuum cleaner systems sure to meet your specific needs.


This 4-liter vacuum steam cleaner features a stainless steel boiler, a pressure rating of 75 psi, and it reaches steam temperatures up to 310ºF. The Mega 500V is suitable for a variety of aerospace applications.


This 4-liter machine is a powerful addition to your cleaning arsenal. It features a pressure output up to 105 psi and delivers steam temperatures as high as 356ºF. To make this system even more efficient, it features our patented continuous refill technology.


The KleenJet Supreme 3000CV is a 5-liter model that delivers 115 psi at temperatures up to 364ºF. It also features our patented continuous refill technology, as well as our continuous steam technology.


This impressive steam cleaning vacuum system is a convenient 10-liter size delivering up to 125 psi and steam temperatures up to 369ºF. The 5000CV also includes our patented continuous refill technology and non-stop steam technology.


The Mega 1000CVP is a 4-liter dynamo delivering up to 105 psi and steam temperatures up to 356ºF in just 15 minutes. This system also features our patented continuous refill technology, as well as our Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology.


Portable and easy to use, the Mega 500VP is a 4-liter machine delivering a pressure level up to 75 psi. It reaches steam temperatures up to 310ºF, and includes our patented Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology for the ultimate in bacteria killing power.


This powerful system delivers pressure levels up to 115 psi and reaches steam temperatures up to 364ºF in just 15 minutes. The 5-liter capacity and advanced refill and sanitization technologies make this an impressive cleaning machine.


Rated the world’s most powerful 110-volt industrial steam cleaner vacuum, this system reaches steam temperatures as high as 369ºF in just 15 minutes. It delivers a pressure level up to 125 psi and features our patented continuous refill technology, non-stop steam and Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization technology.

For more information on these machines and their advanced technologies, call us at 1-877-830-7346 to speak with our expert representatives. 


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