May 30, 2016

Three Messes your Steam Cleaners are Inevitably Going to Face

Steam CleanersSweeping, dusting, scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming- whatever you do to regularly to clean your home or office, it can take up a lot of time and effort. Even with all the elbow grease that you put into the cleaning, the results may not be exactly what you need or expect. This is especially true for places where a lot of dirt, bacteria, or grease tends to accumulate such as a restaurant kitchen, an auto repair shop, or even restrooms. But with the right tools and machines, you can take on even the toughest cleaning jobs and accomplish great results. Steam cleaner machines can help you to easily clean, sanitize, and disinfect many types of surfaces and are fast replacing the conventional cleaning methods.

So what are these steam cleaners? These are powerful cleaning appliances or devices that can help you quickly and easily eliminate dust, dirt, mold, bacteria, fungus, and germs. They can be used on a variety of surfaces, leaving them clean, stain-free, and sanitized. The steam cleaner generates dry vapor with very little water content. The steam from the cleaner kills mold, mildew, and parasites, and also loosens all the dirt from surfaces, which can then be easily wiped away. These machines come in a variety of types and sizes and you can easily choose one that is most suitable for your needs.

What can you Steam Clean?

While steam cleaners are versatile enough to be used for a variety of purposes, here are three messes that you will likely need them for.

  1. Messy oven, range, microwave, and other kitchen appliances.

Whether it is a commercial kitchen, or the kitchen in your home, regular cooking is bound to create greasy spills, stains, and stuck-on food on various surfaces. This is where steam cleaners come in very handy. Rather than using strong chemicals to clean these, you can just use a steam cleaning machine to tackle the mess. If you run a commercial kitchen, the Kleenjet Pro Plus 300CS by Daimer is perfect for you. This commercial grade steam cleaner is small in size, and thus easy to handle, but comes with advanced features to cut through all the grease and gunk.

  1. Bathtub, sink, and bath faucets.

Bathroom messes can get really nasty and harbor bacteria that can cause diseases. Cleaning the bathroom in your home is no easy task. But with a steam cleaner, your cleaning work can become much easier and less time-consuming. The steam can get to every nook and cranny and loosen the grime while sanitizing all parts of the surfaces. The rust, lime scale deposits, soap scum, and other stains can all be effectively removed through steam cleaning equipment.

  1. Mold, grime, dirt, and stains from surfaces.

There are not many tougher messes to clean than a grubby grout and carpet stains. You can also be faced with the challenging task of cleaning mold and mildew from old furniture or outdoor surfaces. A steam cleaner to the rescue again! While you can buy many different brands of steam cleaners in the market, we at Daimer pride ourselves in manufacturing top quality products. All our steam cleaners are 100% EPA compliant, use superior technology, include different attachments for various cleaning tasks, and are backed by our guarantee of high quality and workmanship. The KleenJet Pro Plus 200S is lightweight yet powerful, making it a great option for commercial or home use. You can use it on various surfaces with the assortment of brushes, towels, and accessories included. All the stains, dirt, and mildew will soon be a thing of the past with the power of steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is a simple, environmentally friendly, and safe cleaning method that is fast replacing other types of traditional cleaning using detergents and harmful chemicals. You are assured of a great cleaning experience while preventing harsh chemicals from harming you or your environment. So whether you simply need to clean your kitchen countertop at home, or run an auto shop or some other business, no cleaning task is too big or too small for steam cleaners. Check out the Daimer website today to see if a steam cleaner would be a useful tool for you.


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