December 01, 2014

Tips for Selecting a Steam Cleaner

Steam CleamersThere is no question that having a high quality and reliable steam cleaner can be beneficial. However, you may wonder how you should go about choosing the equipment and why there are some steamers that cost more than others. Chances are you have seen quite a few inexpensive ones, on television and in department stores, so you may wonder what the big difference is. In order to know what cleaner you should purchase, there are certain factors that you need to evaluate.

Steam Cleaner vs. Carpet Cleaner?

It is important that you know what a steam cleaner is, and is not, prior to making a purchase. It is considered a type of power tool, which offers a powerful replacement for the harsher, manual labor intensive equipment. It works by cleaning and disinfecting virtually every surface in your home from the ceiling to the floor. Quality machines will come with a number of attachments that will ensure it can effectively clean more than just your floor.

It is also important to understand that this is not an extraction carpet cleaner. While, they can do a great job on your carpet, they do not work in the same way that the traditional carpet cleaner does.

A real steam cleaner will expel a dry steam vapor and the majority of the machines will not offer any type of suction, like you find with a vacuum. Understanding the uses of a steam cleaner, will make it easier for you to find one that is right for your needs.

What Makes Up the Cost of an Auto Detailing Steamer?

There are a number of different features that will determine the cost of the steamer you are considering purchasing. Understanding what these features are will help you know if you are getting a good deal, or not.

  • Safety Features

You should look for a number of independent mechanisms that will ensure you are able to safely operate the machine. A steamer works with built up pressure, which means that you need to ensure it is safe to use, especially if you have kids or pets around. Remember, additional safety features will require extra money.

  • Material of the Boiler Tank

When you purchase a steamer that has a boiler tank composed of high quality stainless steel, it will cost more than lower cost stainless steel and aluminum, and it will last longer. However, you cannot assume that just because a machine claims to be made from stainless steel that it is a high quality. If you purchase a lower quality material, it will be prone to pin holes that will leak as time passes.

  • The Wiring Gauge

If you purchase a steamer with thin wire, it will not last very long. A heavier duty wire will cost more, but it will also last longer

  • Switches

You should ensure that the machine you us has an instant-on and an instant-off switch on the actual hose, which ensures you will be in control. However, even better is if you can find a multi-setting switch that allows you to adjust the amount of pressure output, allowing you to select low, medium or high.

  • The Amount and Type of Insulation

When you pick a machine with heavy insulation that surrounds the tank, it will help the water become heated faster and will ensure that the heat stays in the tank, rather than moving it to the housing. This will ensure that you will not get burned if you accidently touch this housing.

  • Attachments

Choosing durable, well-designed and high quality attachments can make a significant difference. The results that you achieve with the machine will be much better when you purchase high end attachments. Additionally, brushes that are well-manufactured and efficiently designed will help you to easily complete cleaning tasks.

  • The Heating Units

The ones that are mounted on the interior of the tank will last longer and work better. A unit that has this feature may cost a bit more initially, but they have a much longer lifespan compared to those that have a separate heating element that is not protected by the tank.

  • The Weight and Size of the Unit

You need to ensure the steamer you use is right for the intended use. In this situation, Bigger does no always mean better. An oversized machine that you are unable to maneuver well will wind up being frustrating. Additionally, it may become too hot and wind up melting varnish that is on your cabinets. However, a steamer that is not big enough will also be frustrating since you will have to constantly refill and it will not provide very good pressure.

  • The Water Capacity

Make sure you are able to work with the machine without the equipment weighing too much. If you have to refill a cup every 15 minutes, you will easily become frustrated. Additionally, if the unit is too large, then you may add so much water that it becomes too heavy to maneuver.

Taking the time to find the right steam cleaner for your needs is essential. Using the information here will help you do just that. After all, if the steamer is too big, or too small, it will not be able to efficiently get the work done that you are trying to accomplish. Keeping this in mind will help you find the perfect steamer for your home, business or other intended purpose.


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