December 18, 2015

Vinyl (VCT) Floor Steam Cleaners by Daimer

125836851_xlThe use of Vinyl floors and counter tops have recently been increased as it provides easy cleaning and a water-resistant platform. Using vinyl floors also allows no grout dirt accumulation and a germ-free environment.

Although Vinyl floors are easy to clean compared to its counterparts, it still needs a deep cleaning from time to time to bring out its fresh look. Brushing and scrubbing are a common method to clean Vinyl material, but regular scrubbing can harm the material and leave several marks.

An effective and quick way to clean such material would be to use a powerful steam cleaning machine that not only cleans the floor but disinfects and sanitize it. Most of the commercial steam machines do not have the power and heating capacity to properly clean the floors. Daimer steam powered machine can reach temperatures of up to 350 Fahrenheit within a matter of few minutes.

Applications of Vinyl floor steam cleaners

Bathroom and Kitchen cleaning: Although the steam machine is made for floor cleaning, it can serve a variety of purposes. Bathroom and kitchen are the most common used rooms in any home or commercial setting. They are also the dirtiest of all due to the purpose they serve. Clean your washroom and kitchen with a Daimer steam cleaner is a perfect way to do with the minimal human effort involved. The high pressure and temperatures can reach even the hardest to reach places and dissolve and dirt or grease. The steam cleaner will also allow you to clean silver taps and other counterparts without the use of any chemicals.

Grout cleaning: Cleaning a grout which is space within tiles or marbles is a hassle nobody likes to go into. If you look, you would be able to find even the cleanest room with dirty grouts. The reason being, most of the people neglect to clean these lines and the dirt accumulates making them dirtier and unhygienic. With a powerful steam cleaner, removing the dirt between grouts has become easier than ever. Daimer steam cleaner uses high pressure and temperature that can clean deeply formed dirt in grouts in a matter of minutes without using any chemicals or brushes.

Sanitization purposes: Maintaining a healthy hospital environment is a tough job as it is a breeding ground for all infections and diseases. Vacuuming and mopping may only remove apparent stains, but only a high pressure/ temperature steam machine can kill mites, bugs and remove urine and blood stains.

There is an upward trend of using steam cleaners in hospitals and baby day care centers as it allows a quick and sanitized clean. The high powered pressurized steam cleans hard to reach places without leaving any residue. The Daimer Vinyl floor steam cleaning machine disinfects all germs and bacteria's which can be found on floor, walls and carpets. Unlike other machines which are only limited in cleaning floors, Daimer steam cleaning machine can clean all sorts of platforms including mattresses, wheelchairs, hospital equipment's and other stainless steel machinery.

Window Cleaning: Clean windows whether of your home or your car, always look good and present a hygienic feeling. The Daimer steam cleaner is powerful yet stays easy on sensitive surfaces like windows. Although windows can easily be cleaned with a cleaning fluid, but why choose to pay for expensive chemicals to do the job? The steam machine easily cleans and remove dirt residues which may have been built up over the passage of time. As the machine does not use any brush the cleaning only takes place using the power of steam which leaves no scratches on windows.

Cleaning metal equipment’s: Taking care of metal is very important as the dust and grease may cause the metal to erode. Be it in a hospital or a gymnasium a clean equipment does not only look good, but it creates a healthier environment. Washing the equipment is not at all advisable as the water and other chemicals erode the paint and the metal as well. The steam machine uses only 5 percent of water for cleaning purposes and does not erode any metal parts. The cleaner can also be used to clean and sanitize spa equipment’s.

The vinyl (vct) floor steam cleaners can reach up to a temperature of 364 Fahrenheit within 15 minutes with a pressure of 115 PSI. All of Daimer products are made of stainless steel materials. The boiler which is used to heat the water is made out of pure stainless steel and has a lifetime warranty on erosion. The boiler has a separate heating element which in rare cases if

Daimer spare parts are readily available and can easily be replaced without any expensive replacement costs. All machines made by Daimer are user and environmentally friendly as they use minimal water and leave no residue.

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