January 29, 2015

What to Consider When Purchasing a Gum Removal Machine

Gum Removal MachineA gum removal machine is an extremely sought after piece of equipment. There are thousands of cleaning companies purchasing these machines due to the benefits and ease of use they offer. From individual businesses, public works departments and even schools are starting to invest in these machines to eradicate stuck on, dried gum from surfaces.

However, prior to making a purchase, you need to consider the type of gum removal machine that would work best for your situation. When you purchase the right machine, which is in good repair, then the job at hand is already halfway done. Taking time to consider all of the options is essential to ensure you purchase the proper machine with all the right features and attachments.

Some things to consider when purchasing these machines, to ensure you receive the quality and efficiencies you need, are highlighted here.

The Type of Gum Removal Equipment

One of the first things you must consider is the type of gum removal machine you want to purchase. In most cases, the selection of the gum removal machine needs to be one of two types: a steam cleaner or a pressure washer. These are the basic options that are available, both offering benefits you need to be aware of in order to choose the best one for your particular needs and situation.

  • Pressure Washing Gum Removal Machine

The pressure washer provides a high pressure output that is able to blast away any dirt or impurity that is on a surface, similar to the way they are able to eradicate wads of gum. The machines offer a sufficient output of power, especially those that utilize wet steam temperatures for removing stuck on chewing gum. The main problem with this type of machine is the fact that they are not able to extract any gum wads, but instead use an excessive amount of water for blasting them away. Additionally, using the pressure washer machine will leave the surface you are working on wet when the job is complete.

  • Steam Cleaning Gum Removal Machines

The steam cleaners are able to remove tough residue with a dry vapor steam at a high temperature. They will dissolve or melt the dirt and the impurities that are found on any hard surface. The dissolved or molten gum or dirt can be removed with the attached vacuum, which is available on some of the highest quality brands. However, if the machine you purchase does not offer this feature, you can use a towel or brush to remove the residue. Many people who invest in a gum removal machine opt for the steam cleaner due to its effectiveness and durability.

Features to Look for in Gum Removal Machines for Sale

When purchasing a gum removal machine the features that it offers will help to determine the price you pay. For example, a machine with more features, will cost more. However, even if you are purchasing a basic model, there are certain features you should look for in order to ensure the machine will perform properly and clean the surface efficiently. These features include the following:

  • Temperature: You need to ensure the machine you choose offers a high temperature output. The most sophisticated commercial gum removal equipment will offer a temperature output of as much as 386 degrees Fahrenheit. This is sufficient for successful cleaning.
  • Dry Vapor: Another important feature is one that produces dry vapor. This is when water is super-heated and produces a liquid content that is under five percent. Not only does dry vapor offer a higher level of cleaning power, it also does not produce as much liquid on the surface you are cleaning.

When trying to find the right gum removal equipment, it is essential they have these two features in order to work effectively at removing stuck on gum.

The Best Gum Removal Equipment for Sale will Feature a Vacuum

The most basic type of gum removal machine options do not offer any type of extraction feature. They only displace the gum, but not remove it from the surface. These are also not very effective in terms of quickly removing gum. This is why it may be in your best interest to invest in a machine that includes an attachment for the residue and gum extraction.

When you purchase a machine that includes a vacuum for extraction, then it will reduce the amount of time you are spent cleaning, helping you cover more ground. After all, the overall cleaning efficiency offered by a gum removal machine is dependent on the temperature it heats to, as well as if there is any extraction method included.

When you begin to look for one of these machines for use at your business, cleaning service or school, it is important to consider all of the elements featured here. A high quality machine will make short work of stuck on gum and ensure the surface you are working on is cleaned efficiently and effectively.

Keep in mind, the more you are willing to pay for this machine, the higher quality unit you are bound to purchase. If you do not take the time to consider all the features that are available and offered, you may be stuck with a sub-par machine that does not provide the desired results. 


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