May 27, 2016

Why Do You Need Steam Cleaners for Better Results?

A steam cleaner allows homeowners, business retailers, industrial workers, and many others to maintain hygienic conditions in their commercial and living areas.

What Does a Steamer Cleaner Do?

Steam CleanersA commercial-grade steam cleaner generates hot, dry vapor – this vapor is less than five percent moisture, which makes it different from other steam generating machines. Because the machine uses such little water, it is eco-friendly. 

The steam that is produced is very hot, which allows grease and grime as well as other types of debris to be removed from an array of surfaces and a wide variety of materials.

Commercial steamers are used for cleaning areas indoors, such as homes; other areas in the commercial sector may be office buildings, hotels, gyms, retailers, etc. The dry vapor machines clean many surfaces provided they are non-porous and are not susceptible to warping or destruction due to heat. Some surfaces that can be treated and cleaned with a commercial-grade steamer are glass, metal, stone, tile, ceramic, and even sealed hardwood.

What Sort of Advantages does Using a Steam Cleaner Offer?

While cleaning indoors, steam cleaner machines do not come with the added baggage of creating drainage issues. On the higher end of commercial machines features pressure levels of up to 120 PSI allow for easy removal of grease and other stuck grime.

This machine is not constructed for heavy-duty degreasing jobs, as you will need a pressure washer for that. These machines create a dry vapor that is readily used for cleaning and sanitizing commercial kitchen spaces, baked on surfaces such as ovens or stoves, sinks, racks of all kinds, etc. The best commercial steam cleaner can also be used to clean public restrooms, gym equipment, and laboratories.

Can Steam Cleaners be used for Carpet Cleaning?

The short answer is, no. A commercial steam cleaner is used for spot cleaning mattresses and carpets. They are also used in the removal of bedbugs; while they can be used for on a few textile type items, steam cleaners cannot be used in the cleaning of entire carpeted areas.

If you need to clean a carpet, use a commercial carpet extractor machine. These machines use minimal water and some can be heated to high temperatures to improve the efficacious nature of cleaning carpets. In addition, some machines use less water so they are eco-friendly and the carpet will dry quicker as well.

Purchasing the Right Steam Cleaner

Choosing the appropriate steam cleaner relies on the answers to a few questions. What is your overall goal in using this product? How much are you willing to spend? Branding of the machine is also important. You need to look for a machine that is designed for and has the capacity to endure the work it takes to clean a commercial or industrial area. The best-rated commercial grade steam cleaners will feature applications such as high-pressure levels, higher temperatures, and possibly more accessories than ordinary steam cleaning machines. One of the top rates commercial steamers features a high temperature of 369°F.

Some of the more technologically advanced steam cleaners feature stainless steel boilers, which minimize the troubles that might otherwise come with a boiler made out of aluminum. Stainless steel boilers are more durable and are resistant to corrosion; they also happen to come with a lifetime warranty.

Other features include bacteria elimination, which promotes the elimination of as much as 99.99% of bacteria. Many steam cleaners are multi-purposeful and have included vacuuming to their repertoire. An additional feature is a HEPA filter, which helps to remove allergens like dust, pollen, pet dander, and dust mites from indoor areas.

Finally yet importantly, an assortment of tools and accessories can be purchased to use with your commercial steam cleaner; included in this are brushes, steam lance, squeegees, and many more tools.

In order to choose the correct tool depends on the application surface. In other words, the hardness of the surface to be cleaned and how much grime there is will determine which accessory you need to use in order to obtain the best results.

Why Choose Daimer’s Steam Cleaners?

Daimer®’s steam cleaning machines have a wide variety of additional accessories that are specifically suited for cleaning commercial and industrial areas. Some of these accessories are detailing brushes, which come in three materials: brass, nylon, and stainless steel.

The reduction of the ownership cost by Daimer® is spurred by the offering of accessories at prices that are fractions of what our competitors’ cost. This is why we are a trusted brand in the cleaning business, whether it is in your home or your commercial area. We are a forerunner in commercial steam cleaner retailers, and we offer the highest degree of guarantee on our quality, durability, and high performance on our products.


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