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6 Tools & Accessories - Carpet & Upholstery Machines
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4" Upholstery Wand
(product #125829462)
4" Upholstery Wand
Price: $125.00

4" Upholstery Wand
(product #125829462)

The 4" Upholstery Wand is the ideal tool for those looking to use carpet cleaners for interior auto detailing and upholstery cleaning. This stainless steel, single jet upholstery wand harnesses the power of XTreme Power® carpet cleaners for cleaning upholstery, furniture, seat cushions, foot wells, automobile floors, and other hard to reach areas.

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12" XTreme-XTraction™ Single Jet Carpet Wand
Price: $478.00

The 12" Patented, XTreme-XTraction™ Single Jet Carpet Wand is a rugged, durable wand designed for superior suction capabilities. The XTreme-XTraction™ carpet wand includes a 12" adjustable head performs better than dual-jet wands and is designed to create a tighter seal for 60% greater suction.

This wand is suitable for use with all Daimer carpet cleaners.

White Vac Filter - 4 pack (PM10155)
Price: $16.95

This 4-pack of white vac filters is designed for use with all XTreme Power® extractors. Fits all models of the XTreme Power® line including XPC, XPH and HSC models.

K-Valve Assembly for Carpet Wands (K251030 / 216P4)
Price: $26.68

This is a replacement valve assembly for the carpet wands rated for a max of 1000 psi. Sold individually. This replaces old or worn out valve assemblies on the carpet wands. This valve will not work for wands/machines that can produce more than 1000 psi.

Brass Spray Nozzles for Carpet and Upholstery Wands (J4VB-11002)
Price: $7.90

These are replacement spray nozzles for the carpet and upholstery wands. These are sold per nozzle. These replace old or worn out nozzles.

K-Valve Assembly for Upholstery Wands (K251030)
Price: $26.68

This is a replacement valve assembly for the upholstery wands rated for a max of 1000 psi. Sold individually. This replaces old or worn out valve assemblies on the upholstery wands. This valve will not work for wands/machines that can produce more than 1000 psi.

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The Best Upholstery Tools and Accessories for Use with Top Carpet Cleaners

With the right carpet upholstery tools and accessories, cleaning tough deposits and dirt becomes easier. The ideal carpet cleaner is the one with carpet cleaner accessories like wands and dirt extraction tools that help remove dirt and grime from the deeper layers of the carpet with ease.

There are specific uses for all types of carpet upholstery tools and carpet cleaner upholstery attachments provided with top carpet cleaning machines. Knowing how to pair the right upholstery cleaning tools for specific cleaning tasks can make the job of users easier and help them achieve better cleaning results with minimal effort.

Carpet Cleaner Tools Provide Enhanced Cleaning Power

Carpet steam cleaners are equipped with the cleaning power necessary to deal with the most demanding industrial applications. Using the best tool and accessories for carpet upholstery cleaning can help remove food stains, drink spills, grease, crayons, coffee, dirt, and other types of grime, even those that are deeply embedded in carpets.

Quality is an important factor in these upholstery cleaning tools. Using poorly designed and substandard quality carpet cleaner upholstery attachments can affect the operational safety factors and quality of cleaning results.

That is why Daimer® carpet cleaners are the first choice of professional cleaners for cleaning carpet and upholstery in commercial facilities. Daimer® is the industry leader in supplying technologically superior carpet cleaning machines. The high quality standards in terms of construction and use of components are unmatched and provide operators the power needed to do their job quickly and more efficiently.

Some of the key tools and accessories shipped with Daimer® carpet cleaning equipment include upholstery wand, carpet wand, and vacuum filters.

Wands and Accessories for Use in Auto Detailing Industry

Upholstery wand from Daimer® is the perfect accessory for use in auto detailing and upholstery cleaning. This high quality stainless steel wand has a single jet outlet that uses the power of Daimer®’s superior carpet cleaning systems like XTreme Power®. The 4 inch upholstery wand is highly useful for cleaning of upholstery, furniture, seat cushion, foot wells, automobile floors, and other areas of an automobile that are usually hard to access with the main cleaning unit.

The 12-inch single jet carpet wand is another useful accessory for carpet cleaners from Daimer®. The patented and adjustable wand assures durability and delivers long lasting results. The powerful head is engineered for providing more suction, as it created a tighter seal than other wands available. It is non-corrosive, light weight, and also resistant to chemicals.

Daimer®’s carpet upholstery tools and accessories also include white vac filters. They are designed for use with Daimer®’s XTreme Power® carpet cleaners.

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