Cleaning Hard Wood Floors with Steam Cleaners

Daimer's steam cleaners can also be used on parquet and fine wood floors. They also work superbly as a steam cleaners and essentially like a steam mop for hard wood floors, linoleum, laminate floors, ceramic tile floors, granite, marble , and many others. Simply follow these easy directions to clean and maintain your hard wood floor.

IMPORTANT - Only use the vapor steam cleaner on sealed wood and hardwood floors.

Wood Parquet

Vapor Steam Cleaners & Steam Vacuum Cleaners (vacuum should not be used)

To clean use the Large Rectangular Brush (included with the purchase of a Daimer vapor steam cleaner) with a towel clipped over it.

Low pressure should be used. Move fast with a vacuuming motion to avoid heat or moisture build-up in the wood.

Follow up with a clean towel to remove soap residue.

If the floor is waxed, a smooth, fast stroke with a dry towel clipped over the brush while you use your vapor system will remove a very thin layer of wax along with embedded dirt without stripping the wax. New wax can then be reapplied periodically.

Fine Wood Floors

Vapor Steam Cleaners & Steam Vacuum Cleaners (vacuum should not be used)

Use low pressure with a clean towel clipped over the Large Triangular Brush or Large Rectangular Brush (Included with the purchase of Daimer steam cleaners).

Heat the towel away from the surface and turn off the vapor before applying the brush to the surface to do the cleaning.

Use the heated towel to clean the surface using a vacuuming motion.

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