Scale Reducing Boiler Technology in Continuous Refill Steam Cleaners

The Right Steam Cleaner Technology is Crucial to Maximize Pressure and Temperature within Continuous Refill Steam Cleaners.

Daimer Offers Technologies Unavailable Through Other Vendors in the Industry.

Daimer sells more continuous refill steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaner models than any other vendor in the industry. In fact, we have sold many thousands of both KleenJet ® continuous refill steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners, which are extremely popular within home, commercial, industrial, institutions, government, and other markets. Our customers for whom these advanced features are appropriate absolutely love these technologies as they help to maximize their productivity while they steam clean.

Unfortunately for them, some steam cleaner vendors in the industry do not offer continuous refill or steam vacuum technologies. Obviously, if they cannot convince you their offerings are the "only way to go," then they will certainly lose sales to companies like Daimer. The bottom line is we encourage you to use common sense when vendors try to dissuade you from considering technologies they do not offer as these features may absolutely help make your cleaning job far easier. We would never insult your intelligence, but instead believe our customers are very intelligent and logical to understand fact from fiction when researching steam cleaner products on the internet and elsewhere.

Important Patented Features

Daimer's steam cleaners incorporate an exclusive, patented device within every one of our KleenJet ® continuous refill steam cleaners, which are very useful for applications for which non-stop steam cleaning is preferred over conventional pressure cap based steam cleaners. Our KleenJet ® technology marks a breakthrough in steam cleaner technology and reliability, and is one of the reasons why our steam cleaner boilers are the technologically superior and the best in the industry. Importantly, Daimer's steam cleaner include the features to help prolong the life of the steam cleaner boilers in a very innovative way!

Most other brands' of conventional steam cleaners on the market with continuous-steam technology face a challenge of refilling the steam cleaners' boilers in the correct manner so as to maximize system performance and reliability. Steam cleaner boiler refills need to be precise as too much water or refilling too late can lower the steam temperature drastically and cause erratic system performance and weaker steam cleaner pressure.

Any high-quality vapor steam cleaner manufacturers know the importance of steam cleaner temperature consistency. After all, degreasing and disinfecting require consistently high steam temperatures to be effective. Importantly, fluctuating steam temperatures caused by imprecise boiler refilling may sabotage the effectiveness of cleaning.

Traditionally, a probe determines the timing and amount of the next refill, but this approach works well only initially, since calcium deposits will soon envelope the probe, making it increasingly inaccurate.

Soon, imprecise boiler refilling can occur, resulting in fluctuating steam temperatures. In extreme cases, the boiler (the most expensive part of a steam cleaner) will have to be replaced. Fortunately, this is not the case with Daimer's steam cleaners.

Daimer's continuous refill steam cleaners include a patented electro-mechanical device within all of its non-pressure cap based steam cleaners. In fact, this device within the steam cleaners is tested to endure for a good 200 million commutations

Daimer's continuous-refill steam cleaners achieve ultra precise boiler refills, with only the precise amount of water injected. Our steam cleaners' boiler technology is unaffected by calcium deposits and remains reliable in all types of water (hard, mineral, soft, purified), although we do suggest performing an easy cleaning procedure to help keep your steam cleaner boilers their cleanest.

Other manufacturers cannot make the same claims about using all types of water as their steam cleaners lack the ability to keep the boilers cleaner without detrimental scale buildup.

Daimer's unique continuous refill steam cleaner technology helps customers get a consistently high steam temperature they can rely on throughout the day, day after day. Our customers can feel comforted in the fact that we help prolong the lifespan of their steam cleaners. In fact, many users of Daimer's steam cleaners have been using the same steam cleaner for over twenty years.

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