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House & Commercial Cleaning Machines

The buzzwords nowadays are "Green Cleaning," "Hygiene," and "Cleanliness," all of which are critical to helping prevent health problems caused by allergens and contaminated indoor air quality. There is a grave need to use safe cleaning equipment and cleaning machines to help maintain the highest level of cleanliness within homes, offices, hotels, day care centers, hospitals, boarding schools, day schools, super markets, manufacturing/industrial plants, buses, cars, and so many others. House cleaning business providers as well as commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning services providers have never in the past needed as many commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, and house cleaning equipment and products as today.

Even the state, federal, and local governments are prohibiting the use of harmful industrial cleaning chemicals, and other chemicals in favor of ecologically-safe industrial cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning equipment, green cleaning chemicals, and more within all offices and facilities! Harmful cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment emitting noxious, harmful fumes can ruin indoor air quality, and contribute towards poor short-term and long-term health among workers, especially those with chemical sensitivities. The result is more disease and sick days. Certainly, toxic industrial cleaning chemicals can also negatively impact the ozone layer and help perpetuate the greenhouse effect.

An important benefit of using the right cleaning equipment, cleaning machines, industrial cleaning chemicals, industrial cleaning supply, and commercial cleaning supply is to help prevent the effects of invisible, aggravating contributors to indoor air pollution; allergens including dust mites, molds, dust particles, insects, and other microbes can absolutely wreak havoc on those with allergies, asthma, compromised immune systems, COPD, and other respiratory illnesses. Studies have proven exposure to allergens and harmful industrial cleaning chemicals and other cleaning chemicals over a long period of time can lead to allergies, cough, lung infections, respiratory problems, and also serious chronic ailments like asthma, cancer, and other horrible illnesses.

House cleaning and commercial cleaning in restaurants, for instance, involve using the correct carpet cleaning machines, carpet cleaning equipment, steam cleaning equipment, floor cleaning machines, floor cleaning equipment, and other cleaning equipment to clean windows, kitchen counters, kitchen floors, kitchen ranges, cabinets, bathroom floors, tiles, carpets and rugs, equipment, upholstery, curtains, blinds, wallpaper, bedding, pillows and much more. Proper house cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning helps ensure safe cleaning of automobiles, food equipment, conveyor belts, concrete/vinyl/linoleum hard wood floors, industrial equipment, and so much more!

Various types of commercial cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning equipment and machines available on the market can help you do the above listed and more cleaning jobs in a hassle-free way, saving loads of time. At Daimer, we offer special pricing, bonuses, and special technologies unavailable elsewhere in the world, namely advanced floor cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, hard floor cleaners, commercial steam cleaners, commercial pressure washers, pressure surface cleaners, etc. in various models. Our industrial cleaning supply and commercial cleaning supply and products come with a variety of multipurpose parts and accessories configured with each and every system, and specifically designed for the optimum use of each type of cleaning equipment technology we offer.

Carpet Cleaning, Rug Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning

The right carpet steam cleaners and carpet cleaning equipment and machines are very effective cleaning equipment to help keep your carpets and rugs clean and allergen-free. You can also use these heated carpet extractors and carper steam cleaners to help remove carpet stains and clean carpet fibers better than conventional cleaning methods. You can also use these carpet steam cleaners and heated carpet cleaning equipment and machines as upholstery equipment to clean upholstery by removing the standard carpet cleaner wand and replacing it with the upholstery wand attachment.

The heat produced by Daimer's carpet steam cleaners penetrates carpet fibers and helps kill and extract most germs and allergens that are invisible within your carpets; the carpet steam cleaners and heated carpet extractors help leave your carpets cleaner and brighter than ever before. You can easily rid yourself of dust mites using our carpet steam cleaners and carpet cleaning equipment in and other residential environments, as well as commercial and industrial facilities.

Commercial carpet cleaners, carpet steam cleaners, and carpet cleaning equipment are also used for commercial purposes by cleaning contractors, theaters, auto detailers, auto dealers, and gas stations for car detailing and auto detailing. If you need to clean leather upholstery, then steam cleaners are excellent cleaning machines.

Floor Cleaning Using the Highest Quality Floor Cleaning Machines

During commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning you can clean almost any type of hard surface flooring, large areas, and hallways as well by using steam pressure washers like Daimer's Super Max steam pressure washers or our XTreme Power 2 HSC-13000 and 14000 hard surface cleaning machines. Commercial pressure washers and steam pressure washers as well as our hard surface cleaning machines can help perfectly clean even the most porous tile, such as quarry tile, travertine, Mexican tile, limestone, and many other types of tile along with grout, and even concrete.

Commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning within facilities like airports, hotels, and hospitals, industries, and even commercial cleaning contractors use Daimer's advanced floor cleaning equipment with outstanding patented technologies. Imagine cleaning 10 times faster with drying times as low as just 2 minutes! The commercial cleaning benefits extend to commercial restaurant kitchen floors, fridges, sinks, freezers, grease, stains, and for cleaning bathroom and restrooms and much more.

A pressure washer releases water under high pressure with great force and hence helps to effectively clean the surface on which the water falls. The pump, driven by a motor, applies pressure to the water; this pressure can vary depending on the model and nozzle attachments. Daimer can guide you in selecting the right pressure washer, including cold water pressure washers, hot water pressure washers, and steam pressure washers.

Please keep in mind the high temperature of steam pressure washers means you can clean the surfaces more quickly and effectively and with less water flow and consumption than if you use cold water pressure washers or even hot water pressure washers. In addition, the wet steam temperatures up to 330°F will help to absolutely destroy germs, viruses and foodborne bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and others that have been generated much press due to the violent illnesses to consumers.

Commercial Cleaning Equipment and Industrial Cleaning Equipment

In various manufacturing industries, all kinds of commercial equipment and machines as well as industrial equipment are used to produce everything from food to cars to toys, and countless other products and parts. It is very important to keep commercial and industrial equipment to help keep the manufactured products clean, maintain the equipment's proper working order, and prevent bacteria in the food manufacturing process as we discussed above.

Commercial pressure washers and steam cleaners are used very effectively by all kinds of manufacturing facilities, property management service providers, healthcare centers, construction/building contractors and many more. The need for pressure washers, steam pressure washers, or steam cleaners will depend upon the following factors among other: the type of energy required - electricity, propane, kerosene, heating oil; whether drainage is available for the proper disposal of water; electrical components and machinery requiring cleaning - low moisture, hot water pressure washers like Daimer's Vapor-Flo hot pressure washer is perfect for cleaning most greasy and dirty equipment while dry steam cleaners may be ideal for cleaning equipment that can take no water whatsoever. Daimer application experts can help guide you to the best commercial cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning equipment technologies for your specific applications.

Professional Auto Detailing, Car Detailing, and Car Washing

You can use pressure washers for auto detailing, car detailing, car washing, and cleaning the exterior of vehicles. Daimer's KleenJet® steam cleaners are favorites among auto detailers and car detailers to help clean cloth, velour, leather upholstery, wheels, doorjams, windows, spot clean carpets. Our XTreme Power 2 combination carpet cleaners or carpet cleaning equipment and upholstery cleaning equipment are excellent to clean especially dirty carpets, velour and cloth upholstery within cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles. Steam cleaners and carpet steam cleaners will help kill germs and microbes within the cars and autos. No chemical residue remains if you use environmentally safe, green cleaning chemicals.

For house cleaning, Daimer's cleaning equipment enables you to help keep your family and pets healthy by creating a cleaner indoor environment. Commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning within commercial and industrial facilities and industries using Daimer's commercial cleaning equipment will help keep employees, clients, and visitors healthier. Industrial food manufacturing and other manufacturing facilities will clean their equipment, floors, and facilities better and more effectively than manual cleaning methods, and in a fraction of the time.

View Daimer's Product Catalog and check out house cleaning, commercial cleaning, and industrial cleaning equipment. See our steam cleaners, carpet cleaning equipment, pressure washing equipment and other cleaning machine reviews to find out most suitable cleaning equipment for your house, commercial, and industrial cleaning needs.

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