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Rug Steam Cleaner: Advantages of Carpet Steam Cleaner Machines

Daimer® has gone a long way in defining the industry for rug steam cleaners - combining heavy-duty extraction power with the advanced cleaning power attributed to high temperature output. The result is Daimer®'s exclusive line of XTreme Power® carpet steam cleaners.

Setting Aside Misconceptions of Carpet Steam Cleaners

Before you purchase a rug steam cleaner for use in your store, restaurant, office, or other commercial business, it is important to understand what defines this type of equipment. All misconceptions aside, rug steam cleaners DO NOT emit steam. These portable carpet cleaner systems emit high-temperature hot water. Reaching up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit, this hot water output is injected into the carpet or upholstery to start dissolving stubborn stains.

Yet another misconception of carpet steam cleaner models is their excessive use of water. It is true that some carpet shampooer systems on the market due use excessive amounts of water, leading to drying times as long as 24 hours or more! However, it is also true that Daimer® has continued to stay at the forefront of the industry's technological advances. Such advancements include Low Flow Technology, now a standard feature of all carpet cleaning equipment supplied by Daimer®.

Low Flow Technology works by limiting the water-flow of the carpet steam cleaner without limiting cleaning power. This results in big cleaning power without the big mess or the long drying times. In fact, drying times for carpet are as low as 2 hours and only 1 hour for upholstery with the latest XTreme Power® rug steam cleaners by Daimer®.

Rug Steam Cleaner Machines: Use It Right for Best Results

The advent of carpet cleaners has completely transformed the way carpets are maintained. Traditionally, the particulate deposits were vacuumed off and chemical cleaners were used to dissolve tough stains. However, these techniques did nothing to clean off the dust and dirt build-up between the carpet fibers and on the carpet base. Lots of people also take up the tiresome job of washing the carpets. Now, this technique actually does more harm than good. Excessive water can damage the soft look and feel of carpet fibers. Moreover, it can be extremely hard to dry carpets that have been washed. If it is not dried properly, the carpet can smell bad and develop mold. If these are the carpet cleaning problems you face, it is time to bring in the XTreme Power® carpet steam cleaners from Daimer®.

How Does A Rug Steam Cleaner Work?

Cleaning professionals recommend pre-spraying carpets with green chemicals before using steam cleaning equipment. This helps dissolve tough stains, dried dirt deposits, and beverage spills. After leaving the chemical to do its work for some time, use the rug steam cleaner. By ejecting cold or hot water at high pressure levels, rug cleaners help eliminate almost all kinds of deposits from carpeted surfaces and upholstery. The extraction functions in the XTreme Power® rug cleaners help extract the dissolved dirt particles, stains, and water, leaving the carpets spotlessly clean.

Low-Flow Function of Carpet Steam Cleaner

The XTreme Power® series of rug steam cleaners is equipped with low-flow technology that ensures minimal use of water during the cleaning process. Low-flow carpet steam cleaners allow the carpets to dry faster. While non-heated steam cleaning equipment help the carpets to dry in 6 hours, the heated versions accomplish the same in just 1-4 hours. Low water usage also eliminates the risk of foul odor and mold development.

Simply choose the XTreme Power® range of rug steam cleaners from Daimer® to leave your carpets cleaner and fresher than ever before.

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